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Travellers in HomePlus Furniture Shop car park, in Cross Street Chatham

Shoppers and staff say they cannot enter a car park as it is fully occupied by "rowdy" travellers.

A group of caravans has filled part of a car park, in Cross Street, Chatham, which is used by HomePlus Furniture shop staff and customers.

The store entrance is in The Brook.

Travellers have filled the car park used by the customers and staff the HomePlus Furniture in Chatham. Pic @EmmieLouX
Travellers have filled the car park used by the customers and staff the HomePlus Furniture in Chatham. Pic @EmmieLouX

Police were called to the site over the weekend. The group had a rowdy party on Sunday night.

Emma Mulcrow said: "I could hear glass bottles being thrown and lots of rowdiness and women screaming and yelling at one another.

"They had been out as a large group, as I saw them coming back about 10.45pm. That is when it started.

"I hadn't realised they were travellers until I looked out the front and to the left of my balcony and saw nine caravans.

"I feel sorry for the girl downstairs who said she saw them going to toilet everywhere and saw the mess they've made."

Police spokesman James Walker said: "Police were notified of an unauthorised encampment in The Brook, Chatham, at around 3.50pm on Sunday, August 11.

"At around 10.15pm, on the same date, a disturbance was reported to be taking place in the same area.

Travellers have moved onto Church Green in Gillingham
Travellers have moved onto Church Green in Gillingham

"Patrols attended and dispersed a group of people who were reported to be behaving anti-socially.

"Inquiries to establish the full circumstances are ongoing.

"The land owner is aware of the encampment and will be dealing with the eviction process, which is standard procedure."

HomePlus Furniture head office was aware of the encampment.

A spokesman said the company was disappointed the travellers had taken over the car park.

The store could not take in deliveries, customers could not get into the car park and the encampment was impacting health and safety policy as the car park is the fire assembly point.

They said it was especially frustrating as HomePlus Chatham recently had a makeover.

The company is aiming to evict the travellers from the car park in the next 24 hours.

As the car park is privately owned, the company will have to follow a civil legal proceeding to get the group to move off the car park.

Another group of travellers were spotted in Gillingham Green, a public park off Grange Road, Gillingham, on Friday evening.

Police were called and Medway Council is working to move the travellers off the park.

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