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Roy Rogers, 62, and pregnant wife Kerry, 25, claim they have mould in their throats after living in damp Chatham flat

A couple from Chatham claim they have developed mould spores in their throats after living in a damp flat for more than a year.

Roy Rogers, 62, and his wife, Kerry, 25, who is five months pregnant, live in a one-bedroom flat in Five Ways Court, and say they have been complaining to mhs homes, who own the property, for 12 months.

Mr Rogers, a retired builder, said he first reported the mould problem in August last year, and claims he was told to ventilate the flat and clean it.

Roy and Kerry Rogers claim mould spores have started to grow in their throats
Roy and Kerry Rogers claim mould spores have started to grow in their throats

The couple redecorated using embossed wallpaper and anti-mould paint but Mr Rogers said this just slowed the problem down.

He contacted mhs again in January and they sent out a damp specialist who said he would prepare a report.

Mr Rogers, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is caused by poor airflow, says he then had a breathing attack.

He claims a paramedic who came to see him said it was caused by mould spores growing on the back of his throat. He also said Mrs Rogers has the same problem.

Mould spores have grown inside Roy Rogers' bedrooom
Mould spores have grown inside Roy Rogers' bedrooom

Mhs homes sent out contractors in September, but they were unable to find a reason for the damp.

Mr Rogers claims he has since had another breathing attack and was taken to hospital and placed on a respirator.

He said: “The mould grows on the outside walls but the spores are evident in the air as people who come to visit us can not only smell the mould but taste it.

“It’s taken route in clothes cupboards, cutlery and food cupboards, it’s growing on shoes, and other leather products.

“We are forced to sleep in a bedroom breathing in the spores at night. We are constantly cleaning and we now can’t use special treatments to kill the mould as it is affecting our health issues.

Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers

Mr Rogers added that the couple had been to the doctors who told them to keep out of the flat for as long as possible.

“We are out pretty much all day to get some fresh air,” he said. “We only go home to sleep.

"We sought medical advice and as Kerry’s lungs and bronchial tubes were clear her deep barking cough was attributed to these mould spores in her throat.

"Medical treatment can’t be given to her as the treatment could affect the baby.

Mould has started to grow in the couples' windowframe
Mould has started to grow in the couples' windowframe

“I’m worried about the affect this will have on my unborn child.”

A mhs homes spokesman said: “We are aware of some problems with the property and we are actively working with Mr Rogers to try and find a solution.

"The wellbeing of our tenants is really important to us, which is why we’re working hard with our partners and contractors to try and come up with a long term improvement.

“We are sorry that this has been going on for this long, but we are doing all we can to get it solved as quickly as possible.”

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