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The Shouting Men column with Gillingham defender Bradley Garmston

We enjoyed the magic of the FA Cup last weekend but now our focus has to shift back to the league.

We are not in a great position and we have to carry the performance we have just had in the cup into the game this Saturday against Burton Albion.

We can’t get carried away, we have a lot of important matches coming up.

Bradley Garmston has been back in the starting XI for Gillingham recently Picture: Ady Kerry
Bradley Garmston has been back in the starting XI for Gillingham recently Picture: Ady Kerry

It was the perfect performance and result against Cardiff and vital for our confidence going back into the league.

We went into that Cardiff game with nothing to fear. We had nothing to lose and it was a fantastic day.

I was a little shocked to see myself over so many of the Sunday papers – I was thinking maybe they got me confused with the man-of-the-moment Elliott List!

The picture they used symbolised the character, the effort and the hard work but also the passion that we showed throughout the game. That’s why people liked the image. It was a fantastic moment for me, such a high.

You have a lot of lows throughout your career as a footballer but it’s moments like that which you have to cherish. It was a fantastic feeling, great not just for my own confidence but for the team.

It was low-key for me after the game. I went home and got some food with my family, I was chilled out.

We can’t get too carried away with celebrations because the most important thing is how hard you recover after

games like that. Credit to all of the boys because we came back in and trained well this week. The boys are fresh and ready to go.

All of our distances are recorded and that gets issued to us after the game so we can see our high speed and distance covered. Not just me, but with the whole team the distances were very high against Cardiff which represents the effort and hard work we put in.

My health and my fitness is up to where I want it to be and I feel I can put those injuries and worries that I have had over the years behind me.

One of the key things to adjust was my mechanics. I have had to alter my running technique. Even though I come from an athletics background when you are running 100m, it’s a lot different to running in football.

There is no ball at your feet, no direction or people trying to knock you off balance. It is a completely different type of running and there were a few little adjustments I had to make, to things like my running style, my accelerations and decelerations to almost protect my hamstrings. I feel like I have benefited from it.

I did a lot of research on injuries. I spoke to specialists and different people in different sports, other footballers, athletes and brought it all together.

I looked at my mum’s running. When she was competing she dealt with hamstring injuries as well and she made some adjustments towards the end of her career which did help, that was key for me. Because our body types are different we couldn’t do exactly the same, but I saw different people.

I also worked on foot contact. People say it is your hamstring which is weak, but your body is a chain. When you are running you start with your feet.

Foot placement was one thing we had to address. The pressure points you put on the ground and your foot striking, that sends stress almost through your whole body.

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