Ensure your employees are safe when they return to work

The government last night finally published new guidance on what employers need to do to make workplaces safe for employees to return as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

The guidance was published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy a day after Boris Johnson urged people to return to work as part of the first phase of a plan to lift lockdown restrictions.

With 77% off the workforce feeling uneasy about return to work, employers are now required to provide a risk assessment to ensure the safety of their employees. Sub contractors or visitors and once the assessment has been done it must be available to share and if at all possible, be put on the Company website.  This will reassure employees, suppliers, delivery drivers etc that as a Company you are aware of COVID 19, the risks that come with it and demonstrate that you are implementing good practice to meet new recommended  Health and Safety requirements.

Our Team at True Recruitment and Training have been working with Companies to get them ready to start trading again. Our COVID 19 assessments for your Company to open again in the safest way possible adhering to Government Recommended Compliance include:

  • A Covid 19 Risk assessment, Health and Safety Policy, update on RIDDOR and PPE
  • Risk assessments and work place adjustments for employees (If required)
  • Being confident and able to demonstrate that as an employer, you are fully aware of what COVID 19 Coronavirus is, how to avoid passing the virus, how to spot symptoms and what to do should an employee contract the virus whilst at work
  • Devising a plan to Stagger arrival and departure times at work to reduce crowding into and out of the workplace
  • Using markings and introducing one-way flow at entry and exit points
  • Providing hand washing facilities, or hand sanitiser where not possible, at entry and exit points
  • Reducing job rotation and equipment rotation, for example, single tasks for the day
  • Implementing one-way systems where possible on walkways around the workplace
  • Using signage such as ground markings or being creative with other objects to mark out 2m to allow controlled flows of people moving throughout the site
  • Reducing occupancy of vehicles used for onsite travel, for example, shuttle buses, and when needed, social distancing measures should be followed within the vehicles
  • Separating sites into working zones to keep different groups of workers physically separated as much as practical
  • Planning site access and ‘area of safety’ points to enable social distancing
  • Reducing the number of people in attendance at site inductions and consider holding them outdoors wherever possible with social distancing
  • Using safe outdoor areas for breaks
  • We will provide new signage with COVID instructions

Most of all, we will make your team  feel confident that you have worked with us to understand the impact of COVID, new measures you will be implanting to protect your tribe so the front line staff can return to a safe and secure environment and get the economy up and running again.

We are able to accommodate all industries and recognise that every single Company is different so we are not using template risk assessments and polices.  The service we offer is bespoke to your needs.

During this time, our main focus is getting people back to work safely.

All our services are done with social distancing in mind and we will provide information packs which will include COVID risk assessments, Health and Safety guidance and first aid advice.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01843 220636

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