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Ollie the golden retriever wins July's Kent Pets Tournament

Congratulation's to July's Kent Pet of the Month – Ollie the golden retriever.

Readers were overwhelmed with the handsome pup's photogenic charm and wholesome relationship with his owners.

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Ollie has won July's Kent Pets Tournament
Ollie has won July's Kent Pets Tournament

Ollie's human mum, Kimberly Joanne Watkins, said: "My partner has had Ollie since he was a puppy.

"He was originally going to call him Noddy, as he has a wobbly head, but thought it was too mean!

"His head and spindly back legs were the reason he was split up from his siblings and given to a rescue charity.

"Ollie compensates for his back legs by carrying most his weight on his front, giving him a huge lion-like chest."

Despite being a bit long in the tooth for a retriever, Ollie still has bags of energy and his favourite place to go walkies is the beach.

Ollie is rather photogenic
Ollie is rather photogenic

Kimberly added: "He always goes in for a swim, no matter what the temperate.

"Ollie's so chuffed to have won and wants to thank everyone that voted.

"He also can’t wait to tell Benson the Bernese who is always bragging about winning all the dog shows!"

Ollie is a nine-year-old rescue golden retriever.

His favourite things in the world are soft toys. He’s been known to fit four teddy bears in his mouth at one time.

Ollie and Benson the Bernese
Ollie and Benson the Bernese

When he wants to go for walkies he also brings his owners their shoes.

His owners say Ollie is also a bit of a shoe stealer. He never chews them but collects them and stores them all in one place to lie on for comfort when they go out.

He always has to greet his owners at the door with a gift as well – that could be scarves, gloves, stolen shoes or jumpers.

His best friend is his owners son closely followed by Kitty the kitten, who sleeps snuggled into him.

He’s a big friendly (quite scruffy) giant and is fiercely loyal and protective.

Ollie loves spending time with his owners son
Ollie loves spending time with his owners son

Ollie's family love him very much and can't imagine life without him.

For those new to the game, every month we will be choosing eight animals across Kent for readers to explore the lives of and vote on who will be Kent's Pet of the Month.

Every week readers will vote on pairs of animals to go to the next round until only one remains.

Do you think your pet has what it takes to win next month's Kent Pets Tournament?

To enter, email details about your pet (such as pictures, name, breed, age and funny stories) to mcarr@thekmgroup.co.uk

Ollie with his best friend
Ollie with his best friend

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