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Here's what happened at Connected Festival at Lydd Airport

A 12-hour dance festival - the first of its kind - went off with a bang over the weekend.

Connected Festival was held at Lydd Airport overnight Saturday - kicking off at 6pm, and coming to a close 6am Sunday.

The main tent was packed. (18755201)
The main tent was packed. (18755201)

In total, 6,000 people attended the debut festival, which saw more than 100 acts - including So Solid Crew, Andy C, Wilkinson, Problem Central and many more - perform over five stages.

Four of the dance stages - Connected Main, Breakin Science, Garage Nation, and Underground House - were held in big top tents, while the fifth, the #RCFF stage, was set up in the airport's new hanger.

Food stalls, a bar, medical tent and facilities were also set up on the runway, which was home to world dance raves in the 90s.

Revellers came from all over the UK for the non-stop party, including Scotland, Ireland, Manchester, London and Brighton, as well as Kent.

One attendee from Ashford said: "It was a great atmosphere, a great buzz.

"The main stage was absolutely packed.

Thousands of people attended the festival (18755218)
Thousands of people attended the festival (18755218)

"On the whole I think it was really well organised, there was a little queue to get in but after that it was fine.

"It was such a good venue - out the way, and good for parking.

"There were no queues for the toilets or the bars, and the weather held up until the early hours.

"I would have liked a coffee van though - by 1am that was needed."

Chiara Lambert said she hopes there will be a second festival: "I attended connected festival and what a night it was, by far my best event of the year !

"What I enjoyed the most was that as a younger raver, I never got to experience world dance. But my god did that festival make up for it, what I could imagine the world dance was like, I experienced that.

"No bad atmosphere, no violence, no long queues. For their first event they delivered in every way."

"I would have liked a coffee van though - by 1am that was needed..."

Edwina Hardeman, 32, said: "I attended the event with a friend, the queue wasn’t as bad as people made out.

"I thought the security where very firm but fair and made sure their presence was felt.

"The layout was great and didn’t feel claustrophobic in any sense. The bar service was extremely speedy, the management of traffic before and after the event was very well thought about.

"Considering it was the first time these guys have done this I commend them for doing a fantastic job. "We had a brilliant night and will 100% return for any future ones."

Others have taken to Facebook to praise the night.

The Drum & Bass Bible posted: "The whole night was absolutely sick!"

Jackson Greenstreet said: "Connected Festival UK lived up to all expectations and more.

"Was an absolute pleasure to work for the Garage Nation tent, every artist was on point and made the night an unforgettable experience.

"Respect has got to go out to all the organisers and the staff running the show it was unreal the planning and logistics behind an event of this size for 12 hours in an operational airport is no joke."

A massive clean up operation is now under way in an attempt to return the site on Romney Marsh to its original purpose.

Four of the stages were held in big tops
Four of the stages were held in big tops

And although feeling very tired, organisers behind the festival are happy with how it went.

Rohan Mulvaney said: "From a customer point of view it hit the premier league.

"We had 6,000 people and there's been no negative feedback; for a first event it was a major success.

"We really wanted to bring back some of that 1990s nostalgia, and it really did hit the bar.

"We has zero major incidents, no noise complaints, no traffic management issues. Security were great.

"We went big and set out what we wanted to do.

"The local community was right behind us too."

Edwina Hardeman (right) attended with her friend Sinead (18784498)
Edwina Hardeman (right) attended with her friend Sinead (18784498)

Mr Mulvaney said there were two medical incidents during the night where people required help, these were suspected alcohol or substance abuse related.

But he said there was no reason to 'formally notify the emergency services'.

Although someone who contacted KentOnline said she saw several teenagers at A&E on Saturday night who had attended the festival.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous said: "I ended up at A&E at the William Harvey and saw about six teenagers or young adults who had come from the festival.

"The nurse asked us if we had come from the festival and also taken drugs."

Mr Mulvaney says there are plans for a second Connected Festival.

He said: "We'll recover from this event and then maybe look at other ones we can do."

Did you attend Connected Festival? Contact folkestoneexpress@thekmgroup.co.uk to tell us what it was like.

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