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Iain Fairweather has spoken out over speeding on Sandown Road, Sandwich.

By Emily Stott

A Sandown Road resident has spoken out over speeding along “the forgotten road of Sandwich.”

Iain Fairweather, 77, a retired customs officer, said Sandown Road has been forgotten by the town council and KCC Highways.

The road has a 30mph speed limit but Mr Fairweather claims this is exceeded on a daily basis.

He wrote to the town council to ask it to address the situation and it was discussed at a meeting on Monday night.

Mr Fairweather said: “I’ve been raising this with the council for seven years and waiting for them to do something.

“When Cllr Joe Trussler was mayor, he wanted to put repeater signs up himself.

“It would mean they would have had to pay for it themselves but it never happened.

“Then they came to the conclusion there was no money.”

Mr Fairweather explained that flashing repeater signs are necessary to stop speeding motorists.

He claims a recording of the speed by Kent County Council in 2009 showed vehicles were doing an average of 56mph and one vehicle was recorded at 80mph.

It was then suggested the road should be made into a 40mph zone which would mean the roads leading to the town would have prominent 30mph signs.

This was not carried out, reportedly due to a lack of funding.

Mr Fairweather said: “I’ve seen in other towns and villages they have repeater signs, so why not Sandown Road?

“It would appear that once again Sandown Road is the forgotten road of Sandwich.

Cllr John Bragg agreed with Mr Fairweather. He said: “I think we should go back to Highways and ask that they put repeater signs there to remind people they are on a 30mph road. And the PCSO could be out there checking.”

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