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General Election 2019: This is who you can vote for in Sevenoaks


Now that election campaigns have officially kicked off, parties have chosen the candidates who will stand for each constituency.

Here is who you can vote for in Sevenoakson December 12.



Otford Climate Nature Debate: Sean Finch, Libertarian (23428054)
Otford Climate Nature Debate: Sean Finch, Libertarian (23428054)

I have lived in Sevenoaks constituency for 10yrs, having moved originally to successfully become a firefighter at Swanley fire station and to be nearer to my job as a postman. Since doing so I have come to greatly cherish our community.

Originally, I was not going to stand, putting faith in the Conservatives to do what's right; to simply select a Leave candidate for a Leave constituency, but the local Conservatives have let down Sevenoaks and the UK by putting party before country by selecting a Remainer from outside the constituency.

Whether Tory, Labour, LibDems or Green, these parties would prefer to ignore their constituents and the biggest democratic vote in UK history. This election is about ONE issue: Brexit. All main party candidates will wish to distract you with other issues as they are all Remainers.

Change is required and believe the growing Libertarian Party represents that positive change.


Paulette Furse
Paulette Furse

Whilst our main parties fight between themselves, they fail to listen to people who are still feeling concerned. Manifesto promises are reduced to nothing more than spending sprees! Sevenoaks constituency deserves more!

There are benefits to electing an Independent candidate who is free to fight for their constituents. I have spoken to elected Independent District Councillors who are making a difference - ensuring fairness and balance, concentrating on how they can bring benefit to

residents. It is no longer necessary for a candidate to belong to a Party machine to make a difference. As we have witnessed over the last few years - it could be a hinderance!

I have had success working cross party alongside individual MPs in an All Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic Violence and during the referendum.

The two-party system no longer serves us. If elected, my ability to successfully work cross party will be advantageous!


Seamus McCauley
Seamus McCauley

I am proud to be your local Labour candidate for Sevenoaks and Swanley. I have lived at Knockholt Station for five years and worked as a travel editor in Kent for nearly ten, so this community is my home and I am looking forward to working with all of you to protect and enrich it.

I’m standing because this is our last chance to tackle the climate emergency, our only chance to stop our NHS being sold off in a secret trade deal, as well an opportunity to end austerity, fix our broken public services and create a fairer society.

The biggest myth about this election is that it is about nothing more than resolving Brexit. Labour will resolve Brexit once and for all with a fair deal that prioritises your rights, our economy and the environment, and then put that deal back to you for a final say.


Gareth Willis
Gareth Willis

Gareth and family have lived in Sevenoaks since 2002. He has taught Geography for 25 years. In 2016 he became a co-opted governor of a local primary. He started his teaching career at a Kent grammar school and for the last decade has been heavily involved in pastoral care. He is an enthusiastic sportsman enjoying football, running and cricket.

Gareth is motivated by three key issues: Europe, Environment and Housing.

As an enthusiastic European, Gareth passionately believes that we are stronger remaining in the EU. He has campaigned vigorously since the referendum to Remain in Europe.

Gareth is very concerned about the environment and fully supports Sevenoaks Lib Dem councillors in working towards declaring a Climate emergency.Housing is clearly a major issue in the constituency and it is important that we continue to work towards a sustainable, balanced policy that provide a range of housing options for our community.

We are awaiting responses from the remaining candidates.

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