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General Election 2019: Sevenoaks voters have unique opportunity to vote for Libertarian candidate Sean Finch

Voters in Sevenoaks have an opportunity in this General Election that no other voters in Kent have. They can vote for a Libertarian Party Candidate.

The Libertarian Party (LP) of the United Kingdom is relatively new - it was founded in 2008 and has just 1,000 members across the country, but its supporters look for inspiration to America where the Libertarian Party is the third largest party after the Republicans and Democrats.

Sean Finch
Sean Finch

LP UK is fielding five candidates in the election on December 12 and one of them, Sean Finch, will be standing in Sevenoaks.

Mr Finch, 32, lives within the constituency, in Swanley. He was born and brought up in Lewisham, but moved to Sevenoaks 10 years ago to take up the opportunity of becoming a retained fire-fighter.

He works as a postman and is single. He said he has a strong sense of civic duty and has previously served in the Territorial Army and as a volunteer with St John Ambulance.

He said he had always been interested in politics and in his youth joined the Green Party attracted by their environmental ethics. He left because they "swung too far to the left."

Prior to the referendum, he was a member of the Liberal Democrats canvassing for Lib Dem candidates, but he left after the referendum result. He said: "It was immediately apparent that the Lib Dems were not going to accept the result - they are not actually democrats."

Sean Finch with supporters
Sean Finch with supporters

The Libertarian Party stands on the principles of reducing the role of the state to one of protecting individual's rights, reducing the burden of taxation and devolving decisions as close to the people whom they affect as possible – and it wants to see those principles enshrined in a written constitution for the United Kingdom.

Mr Finch will be chiefly be campaigning in favour of Brexit. He said the country needed to honour the will of the people.

This well be his fourth election battle in two years. He previously contested council seats in Orpington and Swanley and also contested the Lewisham By-election in 2018 caused by the resignation of Labour's Heidi Alexander, where he came 11th in a field of 14 candidates.

The Libertarian Party leader Adam Brown said: "We have seen from the last three years that our political system which so far has existed on a form of gentlemen’s agreement, is not fit for purpose. We have a Parliament that is more unwilling than ever to honour the manifesto promises of its members.

“The time is right therefore for a written constitution which secures the rights of individuals and holds politicians to account.”

You can contact Mr Finch on sean.finch@libertarianpartyuk.com

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The other candidates standing in Sevenoaks are Paulette Furse (Ind), Seamus McCauley (Lab), Laura Trott (Con), Gareth Willis (Lib Dem) Paul Wharton (Green).

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