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UK's cheapest Airbnb Sapphire’s Sheppey Car Camping in Sheerness review

After the huge response to our article which revealed the UK's cheapest Airbnb rental - the back seat of a car on Sheppey - we decided to send one of our reporters to try it out. It turns out it isn't as bad as it sounds.

On Monday night, I slept in the back of a car.

An air bed has been wedged into the back seat of a car
An air bed has been wedged into the back seat of a car

Before you jump to conclusions, it wasn't because I had a massive bust up with my husband.

Firstly, I'm not married, secondly, I was actually staying in the UK's cheapest Airbnb.

Sapphire’s Sheppey Car Camping is near Sheerness beach and costs just £8 a night.

I was a little apprehensive when I arrived on the Island, as I've only visited once before.

The street leading up to the car was pretty dark and next to a large expanse of tarmac with a few youths milling about.

The tented toilet
The tented toilet

But Desiré Cyprien, who also rents out a one-man tent and a caravan, seemed very nice when we messaged and was waiting for me when I arrived.

The Nissan Juke was parked by her back gate and I was pleased to find the windscreen and all the windows were blacked out with material.

A blow-up mattress was a snug fit in the back seat, and was covered with a duvet, blanket and pillow.

I enjoyed my stay more than this photo lets on
I enjoyed my stay more than this photo lets on

It smelt fresh and clean and there was also a cool bag, coat hanger and steering wheel lock to prevent any midnight getaways.

Desiré said I could switch on the heating and use the light, but to maybe turn the engine on so the battery didn't die. I decided it would just be easier to use the colour-changing mood lamp I was also provided with.

She then showed me the outdoor toilet, which is in her back yard.

The trusty mood lamp
The trusty mood lamp

Desiré has somehow managed to squeeze everything you need into one of the tiniest tents I have ever seen.

There is a toilet complete with cat litter, two rolls of tissue paper, water, soap, a hanging rail with four hangers, toothpaste and a towel.

After offering me a hot water bottle and the use of her indoor toilet until 2.30am, Desiré handed me the key and I climbed into my home for the night.

I have to admit, I was a bit on edge at first.

Despite the curtains, there were still gaps left uncovered and some of the material was partially see-through.

So every time I heard someone coming down the pavement, I quickly fumbled to switch off the lamp so no one could see a light glowing in the car and be inclined to peer through the window.

But by about 10.30pm hardly anyone was walking past and I relaxed.

I've learnt Nissan Jukes are pretty comfy
I've learnt Nissan Jukes are pretty comfy

I'd packed a flask of tea and some chocolate fingers which I enjoyed while watching a bit of Gogglebox - could you get any cosier?

Luckily, it was a very mild evening, so I didn't have to switch the heating on at all. My huge poncho and the duvet kept me lovely and warm. I would have been blasting the heating had it been winter though.

After a quick trip to the tented toilet, I got ready for bed - in other words, laid down.

I must admit, it was pretty cramped. With my head on the pillow, I had to fold my legs right up to fit. But I normally sleep in that sort of position anyway so it wasn't too much of an issue.

Desiré left me a flask of hot water and a charging port by the back door in the morning - a nice touch.

All in all, Desiré was a really good host and the car was warm and relatively comfortable.

It wasn't the best night's sleep I've ever had but definitely not the worst. For £8, I'd say it's pretty decent.

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If her boss was a little more generous, Rebecca could have stayed in one of Kent's pricier Airbnb rentals instead.

The most expensive property available in the county is £1,493 more than Sapphire's Sheppey Car Camping for one night.

With space for 10 guests, Barnfield House is a five bedroom luxury home in Hawkhurst, and costs £1,501 a night including service fees.

Second on the list is an open-planned, modern 'party house' with a pool in Orpington, at £1,386 a night.

However, price doesn't always mean luxury.

The Temples is a three bedroom terraced house in Canterbury, marked up at £1,386 per night.

With dated decor and no furniture, this place is not exactly plush.

The fourth most expensive is a stylish pad in Maidstone at £987 a night, followed by Sumo Apartment - a one bedroom flat in New Hythe for £972.

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