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Lynsted nan thanks man who paid for petrol at Norton Garage, Sittingbourne as she struggled to afford fuel amid cost of living crisis

A nan living hand to mouth due to the cost of living crisis was left overwhelmed by an "angel on earth" who paid for her fuel.

Lyn Kidson from Batteries Close, Lynsted, was on her way home from her daughter's house in Faversham when she stopped at Norton Garage for some petrol.

Lyn Kidson from Lynsted
Lyn Kidson from Lynsted

The 70-year-old said: "On Thursday I was running a bit low and I had some money with me so I thought I'd put £10 in my tank and get a few snacks for my grandson.

"However, as I go to the garage when I get my pension every two weeks, I always put £30 in my tank, I go into autopilot.

"So without thinking I put £30 in my car on this occasion.

"The guys in the garage obviously know me and said I could bring the money I owed back on Monday.

"But this boy piped up from behind me and said 'I'll pay for it'.

Norton Garage. Picture: Google
Norton Garage. Picture: Google

"I thought he wanted to pay for his fuel so he could go, but he said 'no, I'll pay for your fuel'.

"I almost burst into tears and I just gave him a hug and thanked him, I then went out the shop because I knew I was going to cry."

Lyn and her daughter both have fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread pain and extreme tiredness.

As a result they help each other out, with Lyn often offering childcare for her nine and 11-year-old grandsons.

The Isle of Sheppey Train Club member receives her £300 state pension payments every two weeks.

A kind gentleman paid for Lyn's petrol. Stock Image
A kind gentleman paid for Lyn's petrol. Stock Image

However, after paying for her fuel, food, car insurance, her television licence, personal and life insurance, Lyn has barely anything left for herself.

She said: "I'm running a house and a car on my own.

"This act of kindness has been a lot of help because I exist on my state pension and so I'm more or less in a hand to mouth position.

"The £30 petrol doesn't last long because petrol has now gone up to £1.91 a litre, it's ridiculous.

"I used to put £20 in the tank and now I put £30 in. Very often I now have to put another tenner in before I get my second pension payment."

Lyn wants to thank the kind stranger who paid for her fuel. Stock Image
Lyn wants to thank the kind stranger who paid for her fuel. Stock Image

Lyn explained that the gentleman's kindness also saved her a lot of stress.

She said: "Because of my fibromyalgia I would have had an anxiety attack while waiting to pay the money back to the garage.

"The man that paid for my petrol has saved me from putting in another £30 of petrol next week.

"So that little bit extra I can put towards a bit more food. He's an earth angel."

Lyn expressed her gratitude on Facebook's Sittingbourne Gossip Group where it received more than 1,000 likes and 70 comments.

She finished: "I would like to find out who this man is to say thank you, but who knows, he could be from anywhere."

If you know anything about the man who paid for Lyn's £30 petrol email Sittingbournekm@thekmgroup.co.uk.

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