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Kent's 'Turkey Whisperer' shows how turkeys, and geese, are raised on Biddenden farm for the festive period

As you prepare to gobble down your Christmas dinner, "turkey whisperer" Tony Fleck is busy making sure his turkeys are plump and prime ready for the county.

He owns Kent Turkeys, on Woolpack Corner Farm in Biddenden, and has been a turkey farmer for more than 17 years.

He aims to bring the birds, or as he refers to them 'Tony's Talking Turkeys' - up to the highest standard, in the most humane way, before they are sold.

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Tony Fleck and one of his 'talking turkeys' (5535090)
Tony Fleck and one of his 'talking turkeys' (5535090)

He currently has 1,200 Kelly Bronze turkeys and 150 geese that he is preparing for the festive season.

Mr Fleck said: "The Kelly Bronze turkey is a much slower strain.

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The turkeys have taken four to six weeks longer to get to their weight and that's what gives them their succulent meat."

Around the end of May and early June, the turkeys and geese are brought to the farm when they are just hours old.

Some of the 1,200 turkeys on the farm(5535088)
Some of the 1,200 turkeys on the farm(5535088)

He continued: "We nurture them for the first four to five weeks inside barns, after five weeks they come out here into the fields, roaming and pecking around and enjoying themselves.

"We want to bring them up to the highest standard we can and in the most humane way. We don't cram them into a small space, that's when you get problems and diseases, they've got plenty of space round here.

"There are also no antibiotics in their food or water, we clean the water meticulously twice a day. We're also inspected by Kelly Bronze themselves otherwise we're not allowed to sell them the environmental health officer, who gave us the highest rating last time they were here."

Video: KMTV Made in Kent

He added: "We invite people to show the place off to its full potential. People like to make sure that the animals have been brought up, and despatched, humanely and its been done to the highest standard."

However, it's not only the turkey's that are in demand, Mr Fleck says that goose is becoming increasingly popular.

He added: "People are going back to goose, they're more of a traditional Christmas dinner.

"The meat-to-bone ratio on a goose is nowhere near as good as a turkey but the fats you get out of a goose are absolutely wonderful."

Every year, Kent Turkeys completely sell out of all their produceand this year looks set to be no different.

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