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Horse dies tied to gate at Sparrow Hatch Lane, Bethersden

The pitiful sight of a dead horse tied to a gate with its front legs bound together represents the "lowest form of humanity".

These are the words of the man who made the grisly discovery in Sparrow Hatch Lane, Bethersden, this morning.

Ashford horse welfare campaigner Fredericka Vann said: "It would have been the cruellest of deaths.

WARNING: Graphic images

The horse had been tied to a gate (7732584)
The horse had been tied to a gate (7732584)

"It would have just collapsed where it stood without making a sound, as horses go very quiet when they die."

Frederika is leading a campaign to prevent horses from being abandoned on Kingsnorth field, where the tally of dead horses found led her to dub the land at Ashford Road the 'field of death'.

The cob was discovered by a passer-by who took the distressing images, but did not want to be identified.

He wrote on Facebook: "This is society for you in [sic] its finest. Just found this horse tied up and left to die in Sparrow Hatch Lane, Bethersden."

He went on to describe the abandonment as the "lowest form of humanity".

The dead horse with its legs bound (7732586)
The dead horse with its legs bound (7732586)

Fredericka, who has previously contacted the police, RSPCA and Ashford and Tenterden MP Damian Green with her concerns, said: "Horses are dying in terrible circumstances in this corner of Kent and nothing is happening to stop it.

"To leave a horse to die a horrific death like this is a criminal offence and should not go unchallenged."

She said: "I am beyond frustrated that so many horses are being left to die. It is completely heartbreaking."

An RSPCA spokesman said: “This is really upsetting and we're concerned about what may have happened to this poor pony before her death.

“Sadly, this is something we have seen frequently since the horse crisis began, and in our experience, ropes tied around the horse’s legs means they have probably been dragged from the back of a vehicle to be dumped away from where they were being kept.

“This pony was microchipped and we will be following up the details from her chip. We believe she is around 10 years old and it appears she may have recently been in foal.

“While we do not know the circumstances surrounding the death of this poor pony we would be keen to hear from anyone who may have any information and would urge them to contact us in confidence on the RSPCA Inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018."

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