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Ramsgate pervert Perry Taliana claimed Archangel Raphael told him to send sex texts to young girl

By Paul Hooper

A twisted Thanet man targeted a 12-year-old girl with vile sex texts, claiming he was told to do it - by an archangel called Raphael.

Perry Taliana has been jailed for eight years
Perry Taliana has been jailed for eight years

Perry Taliana picked on the schoolgirl – a stranger - in February after her mobile phone had been borrowed by a friend.

The 45-year-old, pictured right, told the shocked youngster that natural laws allowed sex with a child... and later claimed the spirit world had put him up to it.

It was revealed Taliana, of Augusta Road, Ramsgate, had been suffering from a mental illness that was now being treated by psychiatrists.

He was given an eight-year sentence – which included a four-year jail sentence with another four years on licence - after he admitted attempting to involve a child in sexual activity.

Canterbury Crown Court heard how his victim received a text message out of the blue that read: "Hi, It's Perry. I'm glad you called."

Prosecutor Chris Stimpson said the girl had not recognised the telephone number and replied that she had not sent any texts.

He added: "Later the same evening, she received another message asking for a meeting. She replied that she was just 12-years-old and didn't want to meet him."

It was then Taliana subjected her to a series of vile sex messages asking for sex, telling her: "It's not illegal. It's the natural body's laws."

Mr Stimpson added: "She was disgusted, but out of a sense of curiosity and to express her disgust called him and told him her age.

"She asked him why he had sent the messages. He laughed and hung up the phone."

The next day he sent another sex text that resulted in the victim alerting teachers who called police.

Taliana was arrested in March and his telephones were analysed, revealing the nature of his sordid texts.

The case was heard at Canterbury Crown Court
The case was heard at Canterbury Crown Court

Mr Stimpson added that Taliana admitted sending the texts, but claimed he had "a true belief in natural law and natural law stated that if a child had achieved puberty then they should have sex regardless of their age".

It was then he told bemused officers that "the spirit world" had told him to send the messages and he had been under the influence of alcohol and not "intended to pursue his victim for sex".

The girl later told officers: "The text messages that I received from a man called Perry, I had not asked for.

"I was very shocked and upset by the words that he used. Although I understood the meaning behind what was being said to me I was, and still am, very confused why he was speaking to me like that. I am only 12 years old.

"He knew that because I told him. I know that it is wrong for someone of my age to have sex. This man's words were telling me the opposite and it was very confusing. I am still very upset by it."

Judge Simon James told him that his victim had been a total stranger who had been subjected to the sex texts.

He said Taliana had claimed to have been a spirit medium, who had been told to contact the girl by the archangel Raphael.

The judge added that Taliana had been suffering from a psychotic illness and had started believing in archangels and the spirit world.

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