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Enraged Thanet man dumps rubbish on council steps and demands revolt before freeing trapped seagull

A resident has led a one-man revolt against Thanet District Council after dumping three months worth of uncollected recycling on its doorstep

Jordan Cross, by name and by nature, pleaded with the authority to collect the bin from his Westbrook home, which he says was filled up by guests at a nearby Air B&B, but the recycling was never collected.

Today, after finding his bin was once again full to brim at the end of collection day, the 24-year-old marched it down to its office in Cecil Street and left it outside.

Watch Mr Cross on his tirade against the council

In a 30 minute live stream of the ordeal on Facebook, Mr Cross launches into a tirade against the council and the bin men.

"We the people have had enough and we will rise up and revolt until we get a better result for the money we pay the services you fail to provide effectively." he said.

"Let's see how the council responds to actual people wanting actual results.

"If you live in an area where you have abysmal results and you know where the council office is, doesn't matter if it's a mile or two miles, you make that walk and dump your rubbish and their doorstep and say deal with the issue or I'll bring more.

Jordan Cross lives in Westbrook with his partner
Jordan Cross lives in Westbrook with his partner

"Get out there, get on the streets, and make yourself known."

Demanding to know what he was paying his council tax for, he raged against the closure of the clock tower public toilets, saying the public was being “left, ignored, forgotten.”

"Just trying to do what I can to make people stand up to the council on issues such as rubbish collection, littering, air quality and destroying are local green spaces for housing."

Mr Cross scrawled a message to the council on the side of his bin
Mr Cross scrawled a message to the council on the side of his bin

On his way home the young campaigner went to Athelstan Road and released a seagull that has been trapped in vacant 36 Athelstan Road, the third bird to find itself stuck inside the property.

Last time it happened, Athelstan Road Tenants and Residents Association informed the RSPCA and the council who helped get consent for the RSPCA to gain access to the building - which has under an Emergency Prohibition Order - this process took more than a week.

The council has been contacted for a response.

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