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Six-year-old stops breathing at Botany Bay amid busiest days on record for Ramsgate lifeguards

A six-year-old girl was resuscitated amid the busiest few days on record for lifeguards.

As people flocked to the Kent coast at the weekend amid scorching temperatures, the RNLI have said they rescued 24 people in a single day at Ramsgate Main Beach.

Crowds packed onto Thanet beaches in the heatwave last Friday
Crowds packed onto Thanet beaches in the heatwave last Friday

And it could be another busy weekend on the trot for the lifeguards, with thermometers set to hit a scorching 37 degrees on Friday.

Figures just released show last Friday, lifeguards Neil Morgan and Chris Wilson had to rescue an "unprecedented" two-dozen people who were in danger of being swept out to sea.

In one terrifying incident, Mr Morgan had to dive into the water with his rescue tube after spotting two children who had been swept towards the harbour entrance.

He and Mr Wilson brought a further six children to safety on the same day.

But in another scary ordeal, the lifeguards were called into action at 3pm after a six-year-old girl suffered a seizure and stopped breathing while she was paddling in the sea at Botany Bay.

Botany Bay was also packed in June amid hot weather
Botany Bay was also packed in June amid hot weather

Luckily an off-duty medic, Dr Shankari Maha, started CPR which was taken over by lifeguards Ailsa MacRae and Amy Napier.

Newly trained lifeguard Kane Philpott, only on his second day in the role, rushed to the scene with a first aid responder bag.

But thanks to the efforts of all those involved, the girl began breathing and lifeguards continued to administer oxygen and monitor her vital signs until they handed her over to the paramedics.

She was taken to hospital and has since recovered from her ordeal and returned home.

Lifeguard supervisor Ellie Hopper said: "The lifeguards showed such courage and bravery.

"You have to be so confident in yourself and your first aid skills to do something like this and it says a lot about their training that they felt entirely comfortable working alongside a clinical lead GP to help save this young girl’s life."

Earlier that same morning at Botany Bay, crews were alerted to a man in his 50s being battered by the waves against the chalk cliff.

Lifeguard Amy Napier was scrambled to the scene where the man was able to grab hold of her board and was then escorted to shallow water.

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