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Trevor Brazier from Margate denies murdering homeless pal Kevin Tridgell

By Paul Hooper

An electrician strangled a drunken pal for five minutes after trying to get police to eject him, it was alleged today.

Trevor Brazier had three times called the emergency services to demand they rid him of his unwanted drunken house guest.

Hours later he told a neighbour he had killed homeless Kevin Tridgell during an argument in June last year.

Police outside the property where Kevin Tridgell's body was found. Picture: Mike Pett
Police outside the property where Kevin Tridgell's body was found. Picture: Mike Pett

Police video footage, shown to the jury at Maidstone Crown Court, revealed Brazier telling officers: "I've never killed someone before.

"Seriously I haven't. I'm not joking. This is the first time.”

The jury heard police officers then discovered the victim lying unconscious on a bed.

He died later in hospital.

Brazier, 49, of Northdown Road, Margate, has denied murder.

Prosecutor Cathrine Donnelly heard how police officers were called to the flat by Brazier.

They discovered Mr Tridgell drunk and asleep on a sofa and after paramedics examined him, they suggested he be allowed to sleep it off.

Police told the agitated Brazier it would be unfair for Mr Tridgell to be dumped onto the streets and they didn’t have the powers to eject the 38-year-old.

Hours later a neighbour heard the two men arguing and Brazier demanding his friend leave.

Mr Tridgell was heard saying: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” before it went silent, the court heard.

The trial is being held at Maidstone Crown Court
The trial is being held at Maidstone Crown Court

Later Brazier called the police again telling how he had strangled Mr Tridgel after claiming it had been done in self-defence.

He alleged Mr Tridgell had woken up and pestered him to buy more alcohol.

Brazier claimed during the argument Mr Tridgell produced a knife and tried to attack him

The jury heard how the two had been drinking and Brazier invited his friend into the flat after buying six more cans of alcohol.

But at 1.30 am he telephoned the emergency services claiming Mr Tridgel needed to ejected.

At 3.28 am the police were called again when Brazier told them: "I've got a job to do in the morning...I'm an electrician. He might wake up and nick things."

Brazier, covered his eyes in the dock, as the jury was shown police body worn footage in which he told officers:

"You can drag him out...just get rid of him. I've asked you nicely."

Ms Donnelly said police found a blue-handled knife under Mr Tridgell’s body.

Brazier claimed his friend tried to stab him and he defended himself.

The trial continues.

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