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Dreamland tickets on sale in Margate today

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Dreamland will reopen to visitors as a major Kent attraction on June 19, it's been revealed.

Around 80 diehard Dreamland enthusiasts have already braved the cold to be among the first to get tickets for the new-look amusement park.

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Prices for the tickets will be:

Advance adult £14.95 child £12.95

On-the-day adult £17.95 child £14.95

Local residents on-the-day discount adult £13.95 child £11.95

Queues build up for Dreamland tickets
Queues build up for Dreamland tickets
First tickets go on sale @VisitKentBiz
First tickets go on sale @VisitKentBiz

And the first 500 lucky fans will receive a piece of rollercoasting history.

Each will be given a piece of the grade II* listed Scenic Railway, the jewel in Dreamland’s beachfront crown as the UK’s oldest rollercoaster.

Tickets went on sale from 8am at 50 Marine Terrace to Margate residents, followed by a general public launch online at 10am.

The first batch will only go to locals.

First in the queue were Lorraine Barnard, 54, of Sussex Gardens in Westgate, and friend Mary Wilson.

They arrived at the door at 5.55am.

Mrs Barnard said: " I feel absolutely fantastic, I'm so glad we did it. "We came down last night to see if anyone was here but there was no queue so we came back early this morning.

"If there had been other people last night we would have gone home and got chairs.

"My husband drove us back this morning and I was so nervous."

Nine-year-old Jessica and six-year-old Keeley Foord were in the queue with dad Roy Foord and mum Becky Grimmitt.

The family, who lived close by in All Saints Avenue, were in the queue at 7.10am.

Roy said: “We’ve been watching it develop and it’s exciting to see local history in the making. We saw the Scenic Railway burn down and we’ve been watching it being rebuilt and I’m looking forward to going on it again.

“I worked at Dreamland cinema in the 1990s so I can’t wait to see it reopen.

“We have tickets for the opening night and it’ll be great for the kids.”

Jessica said: “I think it’s going to be amazing and I’m looking forward to going on the big slide.”

Lee Reynolds and brother in law Mark Parfitt slept in their car overnight to be near the front of the queue this morning.

The pair took the day off work and drove down from Dartford.

Lee said: “We wanted to make sure we were here on time.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on the developments at Dreamland online.

“I love rollercoasters and theme parks and I used to come here a lot.”

Mark said: “I’d been thinking about it all week and we made up our minds last night. It has definitely been worth it.”

Eddie Kemsley Dreamland chief executive " It's a momentous occasion for Dreamland to put the tickets on sale.

"We're delighted with the public response, people have queued from early this morning.

"Everyone has worked so hard to bring it to this stage today and the atmosphere here is electric.

"Everything will be ready for the opening day - the rides are complete and ready to be moved to the site."

Bosses say people will have to present documentary proof they live in the town to be eligible for a bit of the historic rollercoaster.

Video: Watch Dreamland being built... in glorious timelapse!

Those buying tickets for the opening day will also be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of seats on the first ever ride of the rebuilt Scenic Railway.

Lucky ticket holders Lorraine Barnard and Mary Wilson display their prized possessions
Lucky ticket holders Lorraine Barnard and Mary Wilson display their prized possessions
The piece of rollercoaster salvage presented to the first 500 through the doors
The piece of rollercoaster salvage presented to the first 500 through the doors
Plans unveiled for Dreamland
Plans unveiled for Dreamland

It follows countless hours of hard work from the Dreamland team to recreate the Scenic Railway, which they say will be just like new when it reopens in the summer.

The big opening day comes after an 11-year campaign to bring bring back to life one of Britain’s best-loved seaside institutions.

The new rollercoaster takes shape. Picture: Dreamland Margate
The new rollercoaster takes shape. Picture: Dreamland Margate
Building work on the scenic railway. Picture: Dreamland Margate
Building work on the scenic railway. Picture: Dreamland Margate

The re-imagined Dreamland Margate will be the creative vision of award-winning designers Hemingway Design.

Those popping along to buy the first tickets will be able to enjoy spectacles from a sand sculpture crafted on the beach in front of the Dreamland site, to a special plane flyover and a roller-skate chandelier in the atrium of Dreamland HQ.

The Scenic Railway structure came down in the early hours
The Scenic Railway structure came down in the early hours

Only Fools and Horses’ Boycie (John Challis) will also be on hand to make everyone feel like they’re on their own jolly boys’ outing.

The opening of the re-imagined park is made possible by a multi-million pound investment from local benefactors.

Thanet District Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Department for Culture Media and Sport’s Sea Change Programme have worked together to finally bring Dreamland back to Margate’s coast line, and boost the local economy for years to come.

Here's what you can expect to see


Dreamland Pleasure Gardens
Nestled at the far end of the park is the Dreamland Pleasure Gardens, set back form hustle and bustle of the rides you can steal a moment on our lawn, take in a puppet show and witness the thrills of our wall of death.

The Lawn
Croquet anyone? This genteel spot is the ideal place to picnic, play boules and have a little sit down in the afternoon sun. Why not check out a game of twister, play cards or chess? Keep an eye on the park's events page for activities, film screenings and games.

Messhams Wall of Death
A visit to the Wall of Death fulfils the need for excitement and satisfies a lust for danger. The spectacle of ever-present peril, coupled with the inevitable anticipation that something may go wrong as these professional riders cling to their machines, steering them with their feet, sitting sideways, backwards and forwards breaking down the forces of gravity. Messhams Wall of Death presents and operates Europe’s oldest motorcycle sport show.

Punch and Judy
Mr. Punch is the national puppet of Great Britain, he first appeared on the streets of London in 1662 and has been delighting audiences with his slapstick silliness ever since. This much-loved version of classic seaside entertainment is full of knockabout nonsense and features well known characters.

For those who covet the giant teddy, roll up, roll up and have a bash at Dreamland's midways. Taking its origins from the first world fair in 1893 the Mid Way was there to animate the spaces between exhibitions. With traditional concepts such as The Cat Rack, The Lobster Pot, Hook a Duck, Pyramid Smash and the Basket Ball, you will be able to use your skill and tenacity to get a ball in the back of the net, fish a duck from the pond and land a ball in the lobster pot.

Mirroring the rides, the Dreamland Arcade will present the evolution of the arcade through historic, traditional and modern games. Reminisce on a star wars video game, fuel your competitive streak with some air hockey or focus your attention on grabbing a teddy there will be a game for you to have a cheeky go on.

The Mother Funners/ Family Heat and the After Suns.
On the park 11-4pm
Family Heat and After Suns are your one stop shop for delight! For little kids and big kids alike when these guys hit the park you are bound to find something that will catch your attention. If you want your face painted like a tiger or Ru Paul (form an orderly queue), or a balloon the shape of the scenic railway, a bit of magic or a caricature for your mantel piece they will be the perfect pit stop in-between rides.


The 1920s

The Scenic Railway

The jewel in Dreamland's beachfront crown is the UK’s oldest rollercoaster. The Dreamland magicians have spent countless hours recreating this stunning Grade II* listed timber Scenic Railway, so it’s just like new.

The wood’s all good (and brand new too). We even have a proper brakeman who operates the whole thing manually. This old girl is the oldest rollercoaster in the UK, the first ever to be listed by English Heritage, and one of just eight scenic railways in the world.

Come and see what all the fuss is about!

The Dreamland Gallopers


Nothing says ‘All The Fun Of The Fair’ like jumping into the saddle of one of these ornate galloping horses.

Dating back to 1922, this four-abreast ride has been beautifully hand restored by our Dreamland experts, ready to charm and delight a whole new group of funseekers with its simple spinning pleasures.


Dreamland's helter skelter is a new replica of the famous 1920’s version complete with big colourful stripes, brilliant retro signage and even those coconut mats to help you whizz round bends, just like you remember.

As essential as toffee apples, those bags of candyfloss and the strange teddys at the shooting gallery.

The 1930s

The Kiss Me Quick Caterpillar

The sauciest ride on the seafront, our Kiss Me Quick Caterpillar’s the best one to jump on, grab your partner, pucker up and get prepared to canoodle just like they did back then.

This rare ride gets its name from the bobbing motion of the cars as it lollops around the undulating track. Back in the day, the chance to take a ride in total darkness became particularly favourable with courting couples.

The 1940s

The Double Decker

Always room for one more up top.

Imagine a giant fun sandwich, with not one but two lovely merry-go-rounds carefully placed one on top of the other. This is the Double Decker!

So, do you go for the cars and motorbikes downstairs? Or bound up the steps and jump into one of the bright and brilliant rockets upstairs?

Or just ride it twice?

Dream Cars - Vintage Pedal Car Roadway

For our smaller funsters, the Vintage Pedal Car Roadway lets them play ‘dress up’ in mini overalls and vintage racing helmets, before jumping behind the wheel of one of our fleet of restored vintage and replica pedal cars.

Under their own steam, they can whizz up and down our vintage roadway track. Then comes the hard part – getting them out when their time’s up!

The 1950s

Hurricane Jets

Blast off!

During the dawn of the space race, when joysticks were never seen near a screen, astronauts-in-waiting could practise their high-speed manoeuvres in this 1950s ‘Jet Ride’.

Now the new generation of pocket pilots can enjoy ‘flying’ our Dan Dare style Hurricane Jets. With a quick flick of the joystick, the Jets burst into the skies, leaving big grins in their wake.

Cyclone Twist

Let’s Twist Again!

It’s bobby socks and blue jeans at the ready for Dreamland’s quintessentially British seaside fun ride. Originally premiered at Butlin’s, this iconic and enduring fairground scream machine is once again resplendent in all its post-war glory.

Jump on, drop the bar and remember to choose your co-pilot carefully, cos someone always ends up squidged against the side!

The 1960s

Wedgwood Tea Cup Ride
Dreamland's quintessentially English teacup ride has just been made SO English, it could drink itself with a pinkie out, as world famous British ceramics company Wedgwood have agreed to let the park use their iconic off white and stunning blue colour scheme.

As it’s Dreamland’s Tea Set, where Greek Goddesses once linked arms, there is now the history of British Street Culture writ large. From teddy boys and mods, through beatniks and hippies, past disco rollerboys to modern day rave monkeys – the gang’s all here.


The retro ride of the future.

Beloved by theme park creators and movie villains alike, it seems everyone loves a good monorail. Our people-powered version is a custom-made, Jetsons-style pedal car one, running along an elevated circuit, giving you a wonderful, tree-top view of the whole park.

Ideal for those who appreciate a calmer cruise between thrills and spills.

The 1970s

Chair-o-Plane – Waveswinger

Sweeter than a candyfloss smile, this ‘Chair-o-plane’ style Waveswinger is a 1970s classic that’s still just as popular today.

Designed in Germany, imported from South Africa, reimagined in Margate - Dreamland's Waveswinger’s been on a ride all of its own. They've given it a 1970s colour blocking graphic makeover too. So leap into a little seat, then let the rotating, titling carousel top twirl you over the heads of the crowds as you hang on tight.

Dream Dodgems

‘Push the pedal! Spin the wheel!’

Perhaps the best known of all amusement park rides, the Dodgems have been around since the 1920s but our 70s themed cars hark back to a time when Punks, Soul Boys and Art Rockers locked bumpers on the Dreamland track.

These funny little electric cars hold fond memories for everyone who’s ever enjoyed the fair at its best. The lightning crackle overhead, that first lurch of power, the ‘mild’ shunt and inevitable tears…

The 1980s

Wheel of Colour FERRIS WHEEL

The greatest view in Dreamland, gracefully spins riders high above Margate’s rooftops. And like most seaside fun, The Wheel of Colour’s great in the daytime, and even better when the sun goes down.

The rainbow-coloured Big Wheel raises you up 35 metres for lovely views across the prom to Margate’s golden sands. And when night falls, the Wheel of Colour becomes a vertical disco, alive with spinning colour trails, all set to a sensational vintage soundtrack.

The Counter Culture Caterpillar Coaster

Once upon a time, there was a rollercoaster that ate up all the pop stars and then spat them out, transformed into something…. Different.

This figure 8 rollercoaster takes you zooming past amazing portraits of recognisably unrecognisable pop culture icons.

The ride’s been put back together by our Dreamland ride masters to make sure it’s perfect for younger thrill seekers who want to achieve ‘My First Rollercoaster Ride’. And for adults who thought they knew what Madge, Elton, GaGa, John, Paul, Ringo and George looked like.
All set to a soundtrack of classic pop re-imagined by John Shuttleworth.
Bon Slippy - Fun Slide

Born Slippy – Fun Slide is all about one thing – who’s at the bottom first. Once you’ve scaled the ladder to the top, choose one of the four lanes, then simply launch yourself down the 65 metre undulating slide and let gravity do the rest.

A top tip – the 80’s shell suit, for extra slippery fun, could make all the difference. What’s a little static electricity between friends?

The 1990s

Jumping Pirate Boats

Avast me hearties! Cast off the main brace, land lubbers! Aaarrrr!

These leaping ‘galleons’ are all at sea, jumping into the air at random to make all but the most sea-worthy squeal with delight.

A rousing adventure for all the family, and especially popular with the mini-Blackbeards.


Drop Tower

The best of both worlds - good old-fashioned fun, with bang up-to-date thrills. Our Drop Tower is Dreamland’s proper adrenaline pumper, perfect for those who like to stagger off a ride, grinning from ear to ear.

‘How does it work?!’ An inert blade is passed between two rare earth magnets, creating an eddy current that increases the resistance and the braking of the movement, which results in a failsafe system without any friction or wear and tear.

What are your memories of Dreamland? Will you be going to the attraction? Are you going to queue for tickets? Join the debate below.

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