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Man baffled by bizarre sky trails

Are the skies above Thanet being used to carry out some kind of bizarre experiments?

That’s the view of a Ramsgate man Adrian Sherwood, who spotted what he thinks were "chem trails" over the town on Tuesday, February 8.

He said: "They lasted much, much longer than normal condensation trails from planes – for maybe 40 minutes each.

Vapour or "chem trails"
Vapour or "chem trails"

"At about 8am, the sky was full of trails from aircraft. I was out with my dog early as it was a beautiful day, and I looked up in the sky and saw about a dozen planes criss-crossing each other, leaving extremely long white trails for long periods of time. The planes looked very uniform to me, of the same kind.

"I have heard about chem trails for years. There is a conspiracy angle to it, and while I am not saying I believe in those theories, the trails were certainly there.

"The planes were criss-crossing each other back and forth in the sky for hours, until about 5pm in the evening.

"They lasted such a long time and fell from the sky very slowly, which is indicative of chemicals rather than condensation trails. I’ve never seen trails like it before. I would like to know more about it, and to know if other people saw them."

Adrian says his girlfriend and other friends also saw the heavy trails. Conspiracy theorists say the trails from aircraft could be part of experiments to control the weather, carry out mind control, or to test out aerosol chemicals.

Rock star Prince is one who believes that there is some truth to the chemical trails conspiracies, and has recently spoken about it on American TV.

They are usually dismissed as normal condensation contrails that hang in the sky for a longer amount of time due to atmospheric conditions.

Did you see the trails? What do you think -- sinister experiment or harmless vapour? Leave your comment below.

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