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Pub Landlord Al Murray visits Thanet as FUKP leader

“Excuse me” said the Pub Landlord as he parted the crowd at the Rose in June pub in Margate and paid the barman a penny for a pint of Master Brew.

This was the last stop on Al Murray’s tour of Thanet as he officially launched his election campaign in person today.

He said: “I am the only one taking the General Election seriously – there are too many jokers in politics.”

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Al Murray visits Thanet on election campaign
Al Murray visits Thanet on election campaign

Barman Alex Wallace said: “He was a very personable, funny man.

“I tend to suspect his campaign is spoof with the upside down pound sign on his jacket and it is a nudge in the ribs for Farage.

“I think it will have an effect on the election here and he sets out in what he wants to do by encouraging more people to vote by bringing attention to politics.

“The penny a pint idea would never work we would all go broke, it’s a very tough business and it’s a struggle.

“But any publicity is good it encourages people to vote and the democratic system is the best we have.”

The Pub Landlord having breakfast on the train
The Pub Landlord having breakfast on the train

The comedian kicked off his newly-formed Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) campaign by visiting Charles Dickens School in Broadstairs to discuss politics with students.

He said: “It was fantastic to see all of the young voters at the school, although only one of the children present would be eligible to vote at the next election.

“So in fact it was a complete waste of time – but in a very positive way.”

The FUKP team on their way to Thanet
The FUKP team on their way to Thanet

The Thanet South hopeful then attended an electoral candidate briefing at Thanet District Council offices and claimed that he was worth a bet.

He said: “66/1 is a good number. If you put a fiver on me, you’ll be laughing.

“I would be a wasted bet at 2/1 and we want to live in the Britain of the outsider – no one likes a favourite.”

Al Murray visits Thanet on election campaign
Al Murray visits Thanet on election campaign

Mr Murray said that a printed manifesto is in the pipeline for FUKP and that it is “time for common sense”.

He added: “My policies will be nicked by other politicians – they are normal, reasonable, rational and common sense.

“It’s embarrassing with immigration – they come here and work twice as hard as us.

“We need to brick up the Channel Tunnel and patrol the channel looking for Romanians.

“France is done for, the Germans lent money to the Greeks and they still have that to deal with, so I predict cheap holidays.

“In terms of regeneration I stand in favour of global warming – we need to make it five degrees warmer to bring tourism back.

“I would have four squadrons of Spitfires based at Manston Airport patrolling the English Channel.

“I embrace the NHS wholeheartedly and the FUKP will be publishing a full manifesto.

“It’s time for common sense, who wants a loony in charge?”

Al Murray outside Dreamland in Thanet
Al Murray outside Dreamland in Thanet

The Pub Landlord visited the head brewer at Ramsgate Brewery where he sampled Gadds’ No 7.

He said: “I do particularly like the local drop – I can’t quite remember what it is, it’s impossible to remember the whole of the Wikipedia page.

“But we love the pub because everyone is welcome from prince to pauper – it’s the British dream.

“Nothing beats a consoling pint of beer to get through the worries and woes and smoking should be made compulsory in pubs – Ukip are just going halfway.”

Al Murray visits Thanet on election campaign
Al Murray visits Thanet on election campaign

Mr Murray believed his pub experience could transfer to the House of Commons.

He said: “At the House of Commons they talk politics until 4 in the morning – that’s a lock in.

“Would I ever consider a coalition? Well I would go to the Queen personally and say it’s alright – leave it with me.”

“I am performing at The Orchard Theatre in Dartford on the day of the election but I will be coming back for the count and to win – that isn’t until 2am so it isn’t a problem, and I will be here as much as possible in the lead up to the election.

“I would like to conclude this tour by saying that Margate is a fantastic place with delicious beers, I am taking it seriously and I have the media to spread the message.

“It was nice to meet the Thanet Extra.”

The comedian recently backed our We Love Thanet campaign.

He said: “Thanet? Well Thanet has all the charms of the Garden of England, picturesque towns, delightful hostelries, as well as the benefits of being on the coast: the place is a double whammy.

“And then there’s the people, always welcoming, ever charming, never downhearted.”

Mr Murray says he is standing for the Free United Kingdom Party because it is time “for a bloke waving a pint offering commonsense solutions”.

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