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Domestic violence survivor and Oasis Domestic Abuser Service employee speaks out about how to tackle the issue

It’s an issue that is sadly all too common for women across the county.

But domestic violence is still something that women in Kent need to speak out against, that’s according to one survivor of abuse.

Domestic abuse victim calls for more women to call out the issue in Kent

The woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous, now works for the Oasis Domestic Abuse Service in Thanet and is helping other women get through the ordeal.

“I think it’s about the initial process of trying to get help and being ready to talk about it and sharing your experience with somebody” she said.

“More could be done but obviously there’s only so many resources out there at the moment.

“I think it’s just about educating children. If we could start educating them young then I think that will make a massive difference."

Two million people were subject to domestic abuse in 2018. Stock picture
Two million people were subject to domestic abuse in 2018. Stock picture

Stats from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in the year ending March 2018, an estimated two million adults aged 16 to 59 experienced domestic abuse, which is 1.3 million women and nearly 700,000 men.

“Our work is all about saying it’s everybody’s business and we all need to care about this” Explained Deborah Cartwright, CEO of the Oasis Domestic Abuse Service.

“People need to understand what happens behind closed doors is a very public matter”

“There are families and children being harmed and affected by this who will grow up with those experiences and that trauma and we all need to care about that”.

And the issue has led Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield to speak out about her experiences in the commons.

“You realise it’s not your fault, you realise he is now left alone with his rage and his narcissism” she said.

“You realise you’ve survived but the brightest and most previous thing of all is to realise you are loved and believed by friends, family and colleagues who believe in you and support you”.

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