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Bike stolen in broad daylight from Mereworth Woods, near Swanton Road returned to owner

A unique exhibition bike that was stolen in broad daylight has been safely returned to its owner.

Alastair Field was taking his daily exercise in Mereworth Woods, near Swanton Road, when his bike was taken from behind him when he stopped to clear a path.

Alastair Field went back to Mereworth Woods when his bike was safely returned
Alastair Field went back to Mereworth Woods when his bike was safely returned

The incident happened earlier this month prompting Mr Field to offer a £500 reward to anyone who could help him find it.

The 27-year-old was willing to pay a lot of money to get it back as it was worth more in sentimental value.

The heavily modified black Trek Roscoe 7 has travelled the world with Mr Field who says he is delighted it has been returned in one piece.

He said: "A Tonbridge resident bought the bike from the thief, but when it was pointed out that the bike was stolen, they did the right thing and contacted me to collect it.

"Thanks to so many helpful people, almost as soon as the bike was out of the thief's hands, it was recognised as mine.

The unique exhibition bike has been heavily modified
The unique exhibition bike has been heavily modified

"When it first happened, several people reached out and gave me information about the thief and where the bike was likely being held.

"I forwarded this to the police, but as the thief is a juvenile they were unable to make an arrest or carry out a search.

"Now the bike has been returned, I am splitting the reward between everyone who provided accurate information and the Tonbridge local who had the misfortune of buying it from the thief.

"My faith in the community has been fully restored, and I am incredibly grateful to all of the people who read and shared my post. Without them, the bike would most likely have been lost forever."

As soon as Mr Field, from St Mary's Platt, was re-united with his bike, he took it on an outing back to Mereworth Woods.

He added: "I went back not far from where it was stolen. It's where I spend a lot of my time riding and I'm determined not to let the theft put me off going there.

"It's great to have it back because I've built it up myself and it's irreplaceable. It's the perfect adventure bike for me and I can't wait to set off again.

"I was quite depressed after it was stolen, but it's hard to express just how happy getting it back has made me."

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