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Families of David Fuller's victims furious after 'not being contacted' by chair of Inquiry into his offences

Furious families of David Fuller's victims are yet to contacted by the man who is chairing an inquiry into how he was able to have sex with corpses in Kent mortuaries.

As specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell take over representing the families of the depraved necrophiliac's victims, they revealed they are still waiting to hear from Sir Jonathan Michael.

Azra Kemal, a law student who died after a terrible accident
Azra Kemal, a law student who died after a terrible accident

On November 5 electrician Fuller pleaded guilty to the murder of two women in the 1980s in Tunbridge Wells, and guilty to necrophilia offences in mortuaries at the Kent and Sussex Hospital and the Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Ten days later he was sentenced to a whole life jail term for murder and was given 12 years for mortuary offences, which he will serve concurrently.

The killer's trial revealed Fuller, who was a hospital electrician between 2008 and 2020, sexually assaulted up to 100 female bodies - aged between nine and 100 years old - in hospital mortuaries.

Initially, the trust set up its own internal investigation into how Fuller had been able to commit such crimes in their mortuary.

However, on November 8, the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, announced in the House of Commons that there would be a full, independent Inquiry into the mortuary crimes.

Necrophiliac and murderer David Fuller
Necrophiliac and murderer David Fuller

Sallie Booth and Katie Thumwood, specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell, are representing families of the victims of David Fuller’s mortuary offences.

Sallie said: “While it is reassuring that the Health Secretary has replaced the trust’s internal investigation with the pledge of an independent inquiry, it remains to be seen whether the current proposals will in fact satisfy the assurances given to the families of Fuller’s victims and whether they will receive the answers and the acknowledgement of accountability they deserve.

"It is apparent that the intention of the Health Secretary is that the “new and independent inquiry” is proposed to be a continuation of the trust’s own internal inquiry, to be chaired by Sir Johnathan Michael, who has worked for the NHS for a number of years, including as chief executive for three NHS trusts.

"Sir Johnathan Michael had been appointed as chair of the trust’s internal investigation prior to the Health Secretary’s announcement. It is understandable therefore that our clients are questioning the reality of the “independence“ of the inquiry.

"In his announcement, the Health Secretary advised that families of Fuller’s victims would be involved in the considering the terms of reference of the inquiry.

Nevres Kemal speaking outside court
Nevres Kemal speaking outside court

"Sadly, two months on from the announcement, our clients have not been approached by Sir Michael for their input on this crucial question.

"There has been no formal announcement as to whether or not the inquiry will be a statutory inquiry with powers to compel witnesses to give evidence, or what evidence will be available to the inquiry. Our clients are understandably concerned during this distressing time.

"We have written to the Department of Health on behalf of our clients to express their concerns and await a response “.

Nevres Kemal, the mother of one of Fuller’s victims, Azra Kemal, added: “The Health Secretary has made a pledge to the families and we will hold him to that pledge.

"The families are already distressed, but the proposed chair of the inquiry has yet to get in touch with any of those most affected by this scandal.

"They are Fuller’s victims too. In spite of the assurances given, we haven’t even got to first base yet, after two further months of distress, waiting and wondering. It is not good enough."

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