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A pop-up exhibition of drawings and paintings by Rebecca Bramwell.
“As a child I loved the diagrams in science text-books; the underlying patterns of life, described and delineated.

Magnetic fields, bee-dances and bird migration; feathers, atoms and cells. Copying in my exercise books, I was immersed in a world beyond the surface of everyday ‘reality’.

Later, in the writings of Blake, Hesse and Rilke, punk rock and LSD, I found experiences that resonated with mine.

I still keep notebooks. Drawing is a conversation with myself; a way to work-stuff-out.

My artworks could be described as ‘diagrams of the sub-conscious’. Akin, though not in a deliberately, to the ‘Thought Forms’of Theosophy.”


‘Art is a fruit that grows in man like a fruit on a plant or a child in its mother’s womb’. Jean Arp



Thursday 10 October 2019 - Sunday 13 October 2019


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Linden Hall Studio
32 St George's Road
CT14 6BA

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