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Derren Brown brings his new show Miracle to Dartford's Orchard Theatre

Magician and psychological illusionist Derren Brown is back with his most ambitious show to date, although the content remains shrouded in mystery.

Miracle is Derren’s seventh touring show since 2003. His shows have been seen by more than one and a half million people and have won two Olivier Awards.

Derren, 44, said: “The way my schedule works is that the title and poster are decided and the tickets go on sale before I’ve the slightest idea of the content.

“It’s always a bit disarming having people tweet pictures of their tickets they’ve saved up for when I have no idea what’s going to happen after I walk out on stage. I do have a sense of the overall sweep of the show – ‘Miracle’ refers to the miracle of life. That’s probably about all I can say for now.”

Derren Brown
Derren Brown

If his previous show, Infamous, was more personal in content, then this one is going to be more philosophical.

Derren said: “I can imagine bringing in more of the thinking I find interesting and worthwhile, although like a good stand-up you have to use yourself as a means of deflection otherwise it can become preachy.

"Infamous did touch on that area of saying something hopefully worthwhile and at the same time remaining vulnerable. That’s a powerful combination, I think.”

Although the tour which brings Derren to Dartford’s Orchard Theatre this week signifies his 13th year on the road, he’s not showing any signs of growing bored with the touring lifestyle.

He said: “The performance of the show is a delight every night. No matter what sort of a day I’ve had, it leaves me feeling fantastic.

"That’s all to do with the adrenalin and making sure when I write the show that I’m not putting anything in there I won’t actually enjoy doing on the night.”

Derren said: “Also, I have my days free to read, write and take photos. This is a big thing for me.

"The fact I’m in a different city each week keeps it always interesting. I like moving about, and I like being with the pals I tour with.”

Magic duo Penn and Teller. Picture: Penn & Teller Management/ITV
Magic duo Penn and Teller. Picture: Penn & Teller Management/ITV


When it comes to magic, surely we’ve seen it all now haven’t we? Not so, according to Derren, who believes magic can continue to push the boundaries.

He said: “It depends on the clear vision of the performer. Magic is a very childish thing at heart: the quickest, most fraudulent route to impressing people. And it’s based in dishonesty. So you have to work harder to make it have artistic merit or relevance.

“To do anything genuinely original with it you can’t only be thinking about tricks. Penn and Teller are a good example of having a bigger agenda while remaining true to their job of producing the strongest magic they can and it makes their work great and keeps them, at 59 and 66 respectively, consistently fresh and interesting.”

Derren Brown’s Miracle will be at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford until Saturday, March 21. Tickets cost from £25.

Visit orchardtheatre.co.uk or call 01322 220000.

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