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Kent actor Shaun Williamson, from EastEnders and Extras, hosts the World's Largest Online Quiz during lockdown

There are many things we know Kent actor Shaun Williamson for - EastEnders, Extras with Ricky Gervais, panto and singing - but did you know he’s also an avid, near-professional quizzer?

Shaun, famous as Barry Evans in EastEnders, has also been on Celebrity Mastermind, with his specialist subject actor Richard Burton, and The Chase in 2016.

Shaun Williamson lives in Kent
Shaun Williamson lives in Kent

He’s even writing a book about his quiz exploits, so it’s fitting that the Maidstone-born star, who still lives in North Kent, should be fronting what organisers have dubbed the World’s Largest Online Quiz.

Initially the British and International Quizzing Associations launched the virtual quiz for one night only, but positive feedback from all over the world led to it becoming a Friday night regular during lockdown.

Shaun said: “In these stressful times when we’re being asked to stay at home, it makes sense to keep our minds occupied and brains well oiled. That’s why I’m so thrilled to be presenting the World’s Largest Online Quiz which is being live streamed, around the globe.”

Shaun Williamson is quizmaster for what's been dubbed the World's Largest Online Quiz
Shaun Williamson is quizmaster for what's been dubbed the World's Largest Online Quiz

“It helps me keep one of my hobbies going and it means once a week I have to put on some smart clothes and do some performing. I’m really enjoying it. It is a fun quiz, so most people should be able to get some right, even if they’re guessing, and at half time we toast keyworkers.

“I’ve been doing quizzes on telly for quite a while and some celebrities go on just for fun, whereas Mr Sad here is intent on winning them.”

The World’s Largest Online Quiz is the brainchild of Jane Allen, head of the British and International Quizzing Associations, whose team write and verify around 30,000 questions for TV shows every year.

She said: “With the current turn of events, we’ve very quickly had to learn how to livestream quizzes, but we think you’ll be impressed. We’ve managed to bring a fun TV quiz that you can play along with right onto your computer screens. So, whether you are playing on your own, or as a team, grab a pen and head to YouTube and let Shaun entertain you.

Jane Allen and her team write 30,000 quiz questions a year
Jane Allen and her team write 30,000 quiz questions a year

“It is going down very well and we have to include questions which anyone in the world can answer - there’d be no point in putting in questions about EastEnders, which Shaun is so well known for, as people in other countries wouldn’t know the answers. You can play in a team or play alone, and we make sure questions are also for all ages, as teams are people living together.”

This week’s will be the fifth, though Jane admits she can’t be sure whether it is the world’s largest or not. It is free to take part.

It is shown at 8pm on Fridays at quizzing.tv/youtube

So how hard are the questions quizmaster Shaun is dishing out? Try these from the quiz: (answers below)

1. Sports stars Pele, Diego Costa, and the late Ayrton Senna were all born in which country?

2. Which of Santa's nine reindeer is over 100 years younger than the others?

3. A biodiversity hotspot with over 90% of its wildlife found nowhere else on Earth, Madagascar is an island country that lies within which ocean?

4. will.i.am is a founding and leading member of which US hip hop group?

5. Banoffee pie is made with ingredients including toffee and which fruit?

6. Which 1994 film starring Jim Carrey features the catchphrase "S-S-S-Smokin'!"?

7. Before going on to write her best-known series, who wrote about "The Adventurous Four"?

8. Born in September 2017, Alexis Olympia Ohanian is the daughter of which tennis champion? (Two-word answer)

9. "Old Faithful" is a famous geyser located in which US National Park?

10. "Inky", "Blinky", "Pinky" and "Clyde" are the ghosts in which classic electronic arcade game?



1. Brazil

2. Rudolph, as the others were in a poem published in 1823, while Rudolph was created for a department store in the US in 1939.

3. Indian Ocean

4. The Black Eyes Peas

5. Banana

6. The Mask

7. Enid Blyton

8. Serena Williams

9. Yellowstone National Park

10. Pac-man

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