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kmfm Breakfast new line-up Claire Lawson and Garry Wilson

Unconventional breakfasts, singing like Beyonce and plenty of laughs have all featured in the first week for the new presenting line-up on kmfm Breakfast.

It's been all change on the show as Claire Lawson has replaced Laura Crockett waking up the county from 6am with Garry Wilson, while Laura takes a break to welcome her first child, Woody, with husband Johnathan.

Garry and Claire on kmfm Breakfast
Garry and Claire on kmfm Breakfast

The pair have been bringing the Breakfast sounds on weekdays together for just over a week now, including some interesting times with the game Say It.

Claire, who has been presenting on kmfm at weekends for two years, said: "Garry and I have had lots of giggles already so far.

"It became clear very early on though that I need to work on my describing on Say It. In fact, even the people of Kent have given up on me and keep choosing Garry! Watch this space though... things can only get better from here."

Garry added: "The best thing about Claire's arrival is that she's terrible at Say It!

"She described 'orange' as 'not yellow, the other one' and a poor listener had to try and guess 'horse' from 'you ride it and it's not a donkey'. To be fair when she sang like Beyonce they identified it immediately. With £1,000 to be won though she really does need to up her game."

Garry and Claire in the studio presenting kmfm Breakfast
Garry and Claire in the studio presenting kmfm Breakfast

Claire has also been adjusting to the very early starts – something Garry is used to.

She said: "The alarm goes off at 4am. It was tough at first but I'm getting used to it. There's also one massive positive – I don't have to do the school run. The kids are loving listening, although apparently I embarrass them on Say It!"

Garry said: "It's been an amazing first week. Claire has a massive family and friends all over the world and she's managed to persuade them all to listen.

"So, not only are we waking up even more of the good people of Kent but also a whole bunch of Lawsons in Melbourne. With the time difference we're now claiming the title of Melbourne's No.1 Drivetime Show (that's broadcast from Kent)."

One issue with the early starts for Claire has been what to have for breakfast.

'I thought it was so weird last week when Garry put a lasagne in the microwave at 10am.'

"I have no idea what to eat for breakfast after the show because it's actually more like lunchtime," she said. "I thought it was so weird last week when Garry put a lasagne in the microwave at 10am. However now I could totally follow in Garry's footsteps...roast dinner with all the trimmings next week it is."

Garry said: "The time we get up means that by normal breakfast time it's almost kind of lunch for us, so anything goes. Last night's curry leftovers, the lasagne the kids couldn't finish, whatever. It's very glamorous. If you can shovel it down during the latest Dua Lipa you're golden."

The pair present kmfm Breakfast from 6am weekdays with the biggest hits, competitions including Say It, Wilson’s Whoppa, showbiz guests, all the Kent news, travel and laughs you know and love.

Laura is set to re-join the show in summer 2022.

Meanwhile, Jack Miles has joined kmfm at the weekend to replace Claire on Saturdays and Sundays.

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