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Storm after artist Sadie Hennessy opens Britain's first chldren's tattoo parlour in Whitstable

An artist has created a storm of controversy after advertising the opening of Britain's first tattoo parlour for children in Whitstable.

Artist Sadie Hennessy was shocked when she had one father asking for his six-year-old to be permanently inked at the High Street business.

In fact the controversial business has so far had at least 10 genuine enquiries from parents wanting to get their children tattooed.

Sadie Hennessy set up the parlour as an art project
Sadie Hennessy set up the parlour as an art project

But instead of a real business, it was set up as a thought-provoking art project to discuss the increasing sexualisation of children.

Artist Sadie says she booked out the town's smallest gallery for two weeks to gauge the reaction after growing concerns.

Sadie said: "I'm not doing it to make a fool out of people I'm just trying to get people thinking about these issues about our children growing up too quickly.

The 'children's tattoo parlour' in Whitstable
The 'children's tattoo parlour' in Whitstable
Sadie Hennessy's website
Sadie Hennessy's website

"I was worried by children wearing t-shirts saying Future Porn Star and thongs for young girls and the shifting morality about what is acceptable for our kids.

"Children should be children for as long as they can be."

Predictably outrage has broken out on social media, with one woman registering her disgust with the council's environmental health department.

But Sadie says the feedback so far has been mixed.

She added: "I'd say the response has been about 50/50, with people getting quite upset about the idea and lots of people asking if they can get their children tattooed.

"One man asked if it would hurt for his six-year-old daughter to get a tattoo.

"I knew it would be contentious but you can't set out to provoke people without people getting provoked."

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