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The priciest streets in every Kent town

By: Oliver Leonard

Published: 05:00, 26 July 2023

Updated: 16:24, 26 July 2023

New research has revealed the most expensive streets in every Kent town.

Some residential roads even command average property prices of more than £4 million, according to analysis of HM Land Registry data by Varbes.

These houses can be found along some of Kent’s most expensive streets

To find out the priciest place to live near you, see our list below…

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Haffended Quarter, Smarden – Average value: £1,335,000

Smarden has been described as “one of Kent’s prettiest villages” and the house prices in Haffended Quarter back this up.


While the street is not among the top 10 most expensive in the county, in 2008 one property sold for £1.5 million. The value of the average home has increased by £13,000 in the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, in Tenterden, the priciest street is Woodchurch Road.

The average property would set you back just over £1 million, with house prices increasing by 1% in the last year.

This six-bedroom barn in Haffenden Quarter is on the market for £1.6 million. Picture: Zoopla


Nackington Road – Average value: £1,357,000

On the outskirts of Canterbury is where you will find the city’s priciest homes.

The average price of a property in Nackington Road has increased by 3.8% since 2022.


Some of the seven-figure homes include up to three garages and incredibly large gardens.

In 2015, a five-bedroom house was sold in the area for just under £1 million.

Elsewhere in the district, Whitstable’s priciest street is Wave Crest.

The cheapest property in this area costs £800,000.

Meanwhile, in Herne Bay, the most costly street is Thornden Wood Road. However, compared to many others on this list, these houses are significantly cheaper, averaging at just over £700,000.

Outside one of the properties in Canterbury's priciest street. Picture: Google


Rowhill Road – Average value: £1,648,000

Just as in 2022, Rowhill Road remains the most expensive street in Dartford.

Secluded among tall trees and mature hedges, the unpaved path of Rowhill Road reveals one huge house after the next.

With Bluewater shopping centre a short drive away and other amenities such as Rowhill Grange & Utopia Spa closer still, the location of this street is highly desirable.

While the house prices are still high, the average home has decreased in value by £20,000 since last year.

A Dartford mansion sold for over £2 million in 2020. Picture: Google


The Leas, Deal – Average value: £1,503,000

The most expensive street in the Dover district is in Deal.

A number of properties in the seaside town have fetched seven figures in the past few years.

One of which was purchased in The Leas for £2.1 million in 2021.

In Dover itself, the most expensive street is in Granville Road with an average house price of just over £1.2 million.

Meanwhile, in Sandwich, the average home in Kiln Drive will set you back £1 million.

A mansion in The Leas, Deal. Picture: Zoopla


Cliff Road – Average value: £1,399,000

An equal distance from Sandgate and Folkestone beaches, Cliff Road is in a great location and has some of the largest houses in town, averaging over 3,000 sq ft.

House prices have risen over the past year, increasing in value by £55,000.

In Hythe, the most expensive properties sit in Sandling Road, which has an average value of £1,098,000.

Whereas in New Romney, you could purchase a home in Maderia Road for just over £800,000.

A modern property on the most expensive street in Folkestone. Picture: Google


Pear Tree Lane – Average value: £1,328,000

In the Gravesham borough, Pear Tree Lane in Shorne, Gravesend, is where you will find the most expensive houses.

While prices in this street have slightly decreased over the past 12 months, many are still being listed for over £1 million.

In 2021, a property with a huge outdoor swimming pool was purchased for over £1.5 million.

11 houses in Pear Tree Lane are valued at over £1 million. Picture: Google


Manor Lane – Average value: £1,346,000

The secluded Manor Lane in Maidstone has a host of beautifully presented properties to offer.

Almost half of the homes in the area cost more than £1 million and the average value has increased by £13,000 since 2022.

A four-bedroom house in Manor Lane, Maidstone, is up for £1.15m. Picture: Zoopla


Dillywood Lane, Rochester – Average value: £995,000

In Medway, Dillywood Lane in Rochester tops the list for the most expensive street.

The average price for properties in this area is just under £1 million with the most expensive being estimated at £1.7 million.

In Gillingham, the wealthiest road is Zillah Gardens with an average value of £902,000.

This is closely followed by Warren Road in Chatham which comes in at £893,000.

Houses in Dillywood Lane, Rochester have an average value of just under £1 million. Picture: Google


Parkfield – Average value: £4,456,000

Out of the top five most expensive residential roads in Kent, four of them are in Sevenoaks, and Parkfield is the priciest of all.

House prices in the district average £630,000, but many properties in the area have sold for millions of pounds.

On the wealthiest street, homes are estimated to be worth £4,456,000, more than 15 times the £290,000 national average house price.

Meanwhile, in Edenbridge, Froghole Lane in Crockham Hill commands prices of £2,287,000.

Swanley’s most expensive street is Hotham Close, with properties valued at £1.2 million.

Private road Parkfield in Sevenoaks is Kent’s priciest street. Picture: Google


Swanton Street, Sittingbourne – Average value: £1,124,000

Properties in Swanton Street, Sittingbourne, are worth an estimated £592 per square foot.

A 20-minute drive away, in Selling Court, Faversham, the average house is nearly £200,000 cheaper but would still set you back a pretty penny at £956,000.

On Sheppey, the priciest street is Oak Tree Close in Eastchurch, with properties valued at £782,000.

A beautiful property in Swanton Street, Sittingbourne. Picture: Google


Ocean Drive, Broadstairs – Average value: £1,278,000

In the Thanet district, Ocean Drive in Broadstairs is where you will find the priciest homes.

Elsewhere, in Ramsgate, the most expensive properties are in Highlands Glade for an average of just over £700,000.

Pembroke Avenue tops Margate’s list at £731,000, while for Westgate-on-Sea it’s Carlton Road West at £698,000.

In Birchington, the priciest street is Colemans Stairs Road, with homes valued at £833,000.

A three-bedroom flat in Broadstairs is on the market for £1.2 million. Picture: Zoopla

Tonbridge and Malling

Philpots Lane – Average value: £1,914,000

With an average house price of almost £1.9 million, Philpots Lane takes the prize for the most expensive road in Tonbridge.

Coming in as a close second, Poundsbridge, also has some seriously pricey properties, averaging at £1.8 million.

Elsewhere in the district, £1,422,000 is the average cost of a home in Clare Wood Drive, East Malling.

Meanwhile, houses in Franklin Kidd Lane in Ditton, Aylesford, command prices of £988,000.

Snodland’s priciest street is Barrow Hill Close, with properties valued at £588,000.

A five-bedroom house in Philpots Lane sold for £1.5 million more than a decade ago. Picture: Google

Tunbridge Wells

The Midway – Average value: £3,269,000

Last but certainly not least is The Midway in Tunbridge Wells.

The average price in this area is an eye-watering £3.2 million with more than half of the properties in the area estimated at over £2 million.

The most expensive sits at a whopping £5.2 million.

Elsewhere in the borough, Cranbrook’s most expensive street is Summerhill in Goudhurst, with homes valued at £1.68 million.

Aerial view of The Midway, Tunbridge Wells. Picture: Google

The 10 most expensive streets in Kent:

1.) Parkfield, Sevenoaks, TN15 Value: £4,456,000. Size: 4,963 sq ft.

2.) Wildernesse Avenue, Sevenoaks, TN15 Value: £3,632,000. Size: 4,803 sq ft.

3.) Woodland Rise, Sevenoaks, TN15 Value: £3,522,000. Size: 4,840 sq ft.

4.) Clenches Farm Lane, Sevenoaks, TN13 Value: £3,348,000. Size: 5,963 sq ft.

5.) The Midway, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 Value: £3,269,000. Size: 3,214 sq ft.

6.) Blackhall Lane, Sevenoaks, TN15 Value: £2,995,000. Size: 4,015 sq ft.

7.) Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 Value: £2,853,000. Size: 3,960 sq ft.

8.) Froghole Lane, Crockham Hill, TN8 Value: £2,287,000. Size: 3,766 sq ft.

9.) Holmewood Ridge, Langton Green, TN3 Value: £2,144,000. Size: 4,026 sq ft.

10.) Goodley Stock Road, Crockham Hill, TN8 Value: £2,139,000. Size: 3,176 sq ft.

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