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Disney's Frozen Christmas display at Ashford's Bybrook Barn off Canterbury Road called 'morbid' and 'un-Christmassy' by mum Sarah Williams

One mum is giving a garden centre's Christmas display the cold shoulder – because she thinks it's based on a death scene from a popular children’s film.

Sarah Williams couldn't wait to take her Disney-mad daughter to Bybrook Barn's Winter Frozen Wonderland in Ashford but the sight that greeted her when she arrived sent chills down her spine.

The 32-year-old mum to Ella, five, said: "At the beginning of the film the princesses' parents die in a shipwreck. The main part of Bybrook Barn's display is the sinking ship.

Mum Sarah Williams feels the Frozen display is too morbid for daughter Ella. Picture: Paul Amos

"Why would you put that in the display when there are so many other scenes in the film that could have been included? It's very un-Christmassy."

The administrator admitted young Ella, who has seen Frozen more than 40 times and can sing along to all the songs, was not upset by the festive display but did understand what was happening when the ship sunk in the movie.

Mrs Williams, also mum to 10-month-old Jake, is refusing to Let It Go, adding: "When we were watching it she said, 'They’re not coming back are they?' She knew it was something sad.

Is this Frozen display morbid? Picture: Wayne McCabe

"It's one of those subjects you don't really want to have to talk to children about but she loves the film so we explained it to her.

"But then to go to a display that's supposed to be fun and see the ship – it's just morbid. Christmas is meant to be about happiness and loving and giving.

"Ella said as soon as she saw it: 'That's the ship where the people died.'

Ella Williams dressed as Queen Elsa from Frozen, holding her Queen Elsa doll. Picture: Paul Amos

"I'm not cross or bitter and it won't stop me going back in the future. Their displays have always been really lovely but this one is just distasteful."

Bybrook Barn, which creates a different themed display for its young visitors every Christmas, said no one else had made the connection between the Frozen display and the fictional King and Queen’s watery demise.

Deputy manager Rachael Thompson said: "Clearly it was not our intention to upset anyone. The display has been very popular and children have liked the boat.

Rachael Thompson with another part of Bybrook Barn's Christmas display. Picture: Wayne McCabe

"We've had some very positive feedback and no one has complained."

Winter Frozen Wonderland, at the garden centre off Canterbury Road, also features a reindeer sleigh, models of the characters and Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, which Princess Anna visits in the film.

Frozen, released last year, is a computer-animated musical starring Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, who has the power to freeze objects and people.

Queen Elsa on the poster for Disney movie Frozen. Picture: Charlie Crocker at Singalonga Productions

The most popular song on the soundtrack is undoubtedly Let It Go, sung by actress Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa, although it only reached number 42 in the UK charts.

And as all true Frozen fans know, the tragic shipwreck isn't the only time a boat features in the film – a fleet of ships becomes trapped in a frozen sea later in the movie and no one dies in that scene.

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