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Mum’s the word for sisters Carla Manning, Kerry Harwood and Jodie Manning all expecting babies in Ashford within weeks of each other

By Samantha Williams

One down- two to go!

Three Ashford sisters who are all expecting babies within eight weeks of each other have welcomed the first new addition to the family.

Carla Manning and partner Wayne Penfold saw the arrival of their second son, Laelon, on Monday, a day after his due date.

The couple already have son Codee, one.

Carla Manning, Jodie Manning and Kerry Harwood are all due to have babies within weeks of each other

Sister Kerry Harwood visited her new nephew in hospital the day he was born and said: “He is lovely. He looks just like Carla.

“It was a really quick birth - although Carla is still in hospital with pre-eclampsia. But we’re hoping she can come home soon.”

Kerry, who is pregnant with her fourth baby, Carla, and their sister Jodie, all discovered they were pregnant within a month of each other last year.

Carla, 26, said: “We were all really excited to find out we were expecting together. Obviously it wasn’t planned but it’s been great.”

Kerry, who already has Jaya, 9, Isara, 6 and Harlon, 2, with husband James, said: “It just happened but really it couldn’t have been planned better!”

The new mums will be needing nappies and baby products

Jodie Manning, 28, who is mum to Taila, 6, added: “I found out I was pregnant and called Carla, and then she said to me ‘I’ve got something to tell you too’.

"We knew Kerry was trying, and then within a few weeks she found out she was expecting too!”

The three sisters - who attended Lympne Primary School and Brockhill Park Secondary School, in Saltwood, near Hythe - have always been close. Even now they see each other most days, or failing that a least a few times a week.

“I found out I was pregnant and called Carla, and then she said to me ‘I’ve got something to tell you too’" - Jodie Manning

Jodie, of Singleton, adds: “We were always close. We lived with dad in our teens. And then when Carla and I were 18 and 19 we moved out and got a flat together. It was a great time.”

Carla said: “If we have problems we always go to each other. Obviously we have our partners, but we’ve all stayed close.”

The girl’s mum, Julia Young, 55, who has lived in Texas for the last 12 years, has flown back to be with her daughters during their deliveries.

“It is great having mum back,” Carla said. “Especially as we get lots of treats. We’ve always been close to mum and our dad, Phil.”

Mrs Young added: “I reckon Sainsbury's have made a mint with how much they are eating. And McDonald’s!”

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