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Canterbury teen mum Rebecca Clout defies bullies and heads for career as social carer after GCSE day at Canterbury High School

By Gerry Warren

A Canterbury schoolgirl who fell pregnant at 13 says she has shrugged off abuse and bullying to try and build a life for herself and her baby son.

Single mum Rebecca Clout, who is now 16, is determined to build a career so she can provide a future for 19-month-old Oscar.

She has just collected her GCSE results from Canterbury High School and now plans to go into the sixth form.

Schoolgirl mum Rebecca Clout, 16, with 19-month-old Oscar

She said: “Obviously I didn’t plan to get pregnant and didn’t realise I was until I was six-and-a-half months gone.”

By then it was too late for her to consider her options.

“Being so young, it was quite scary to deal with, particularly going into school, where some of the other students were horrible and even chased me. I ended up being taught in a separate class with some of my friends.

“Eventually I want to be a social worker because they have helped me and it’s the sort of work I would like to do myself...” - Rebecca Clout, 16, who fell pregnant aged 13

“I had to have a total of about three months off school shortly before and then after Oscar was born, but was still doing school work at home.”

Last Thursday, Rebecca took Oscar into school to collect her GCSE results and, although unhappy with her grades, plans to continue with her education.

She said: “I got three GCSEs but am disappointed not to have done better. I am going to stay on at school and go into the sixth form. I want to do a course in child care - I’m certainly getting a lot of hands-on experience.

“Eventually I want to be a social worker because they have helped me and it’s the sort of work I would like to do myself.”

Rebecca lives in Reed Avenue with her aunt and cousin, who she says are a huge support to her.

She said: “Oscar goes to the nursery on the school site while I’m in lessons, which works pretty well, and I try and do my homework after I’ve put him to bed.

Pictured with Oscar, Rebecca Clout wants to become a social worker

“The school and teachers have really helped me so I am determined to do better and prove some people wrong. Oscar is doing really well and I still have some lovely friends who help us.

“I do feel like I am losing out on my teenage years because I can’t go out a lot with my friends and have the responsibility of looking after Oscar, but I wouldn’t change him for the world.

“I still get nasty comments and called names in the street, but they don’t know me or what I have been through. I just try to shrug it off”.

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