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Couple's heartbreaking bid to save puppy

Darwin has a portosystemic shunt of the liver.

03 November 2017

A couple are on a fundraising mission to raise money for a life-saving operation for their four and a half month old puppy Darwin.


Mutilated cat found

Animals Lost and Found in Kent work to reunite missing pets with their owners

03 November 2017

A dead cat found in a seated position outside a house had parts of its body "deliberately cut off".


Hunt is on for missing Lynx

A lynx has gone missing from Dean Tweedy's zoo in Borth, Wales. Stock picture.

02 November 2017

A lynx is on the run from a wildlife sanctuary owned by a former Kent resident.


Hunt spooks horses

Relieved owner Emily Sweeney after she found her horse Hamish this morning.

01 November 2017

Distressed horses fled for miles after being spooked by a hunt as it passed through the area on Halloween afternoon.


Trains up the swanny...

Trains have been advised to run slower after a swan trespassed on to the line at Sandwich. Picture: Dave Hughes

29 October 2017

Rail services have been forced to slow down after an unusual trespasser was spotted on the lines.


Top dogs earn place in charity calendar

 Tiny Hendricks took the photoshoot in his stride

28 October 2017

A dozen four-legged friends from one Kent town are being celebrated in a new calendar which will raise money for the Dogs Trust.

Police smash car window to save trapped dog

The dog was found locked in a car at Toddlers Cove car park. Picture: Google.

27 October 2017

Officers smashed their way into a car parked at a play area to rescue a distressed dog locked inside, before giving the owner a "stern warning".


Abandoned black cats hope for a change in luck

Trick had to have his leg amputated

27 October 2017

They might have a reputation for being unlucky, but the RSPCA is hoping the fortunes will change for some of its black cats this Halloween.


Families’ horror after mutilated cats found

There are fears the M25 cat killer could be to blame. Stock picture: Thinkstock Image Library

27 October 2017

Three cats have been found dead and mutilated after being cut several times with a sharp blade.


Dog 'ripped toddler's scalp off'

Police at the scene of the dog attack

24 October 2017

The owners of a dog that savaged a toddler in a play park were giving a teenage girl cannabis to walk their pet.

Snake found in light fitting

The dead snake found in a light fitting (Picture: David Bruce of David Bruce pest control of Rochester in Kent)

24 October 2017

A dead snake was discovered by a pest controller on the hunt for rats.


Anger as swans found shot dead

The swans were found off Monkshill Road in Graveney. Picture: Instant Street View

24 October 2017

The RSPCA is backing a government review of airgun laws amid increasing attacks on animals.


Pet owners warned after cat found mutilated

There are fears the M25 cat killer could be to blame. Stock picture: Thinkstock Image Library

22 October 2017

An animal charity believes the M25 cat killer could have struck again in Kent after the mutilated body of a cat was found.


Neglected dog saved from streets

The dog which was found in Milton Regis High Street

19 October 2017

A pooch which was found in a bad state has been taken off the streets.

Escaped stag finally back in captivity

19 October 2017

A magnificent red stag called Nelson has been shot with a tranquilliser dart after being 'on the run' in the countryside for four months.


Peacocks feared stolen from farm

Denise Dwyer keeps peacocks at her farm.

19 October 2017

A farmer fears that poachers have stolen three peacocks from her farm after they went missing

Children set squirrel on fire

A still from the video sent out on Snapchat by children in Kent. Picture: RSPCA

15 October 2017

RSPCA officials visited a school to warn children and speak to parents following a shocking incident of animal cruelty.


Cat under a hot van roof

An eight-month-old cat, nicknamed Ford, was discovered hiding in the engine of a van

15 October 2017

A cat found an unusual way to get around town... underneath a van's bonnet!


Dead whale not killed in Kent

The 30-tonne body of the male fin whale at Sheerness Docks

14 October 2017

Experts say a 30-tonne whale stuck to a ship that docked in the county was likely to have been killed hundreds of miles away.


Pub zoo to go pay per view

13 October 2017

A pub zoo is starting to charge people to see the animals.

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