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Proving candles and gas just do not mix

Candles cause fire

20 January 2014

A woman lodger woke up in the middle of the night and could smell gas coming from the parlour of her home in Maidstone.

Archbishop given gift of sturgeon

Sturgeon given to archbishop

20 January 2014

A 4ft sturgeon was caught by a fisherman named Hill in the River Medway near Rochester Bridge.

Defending against iron ships

New cannons

20 January 2014

A gun emplacement for the defence of the Thames and Medway at Garrison Point, Sheerness, was nearing completion.

Gruesome discovery under church

Human remains

20 January 2014

The gruesome discovery of a pit “filled to within inches of the top” with human remains was made in St Margaret’s Church, Rochester, when gas was bein

Scientific breakthrough to remove pain

Laughing gas

20 January 2014

Victorians who dreaded having a tooth out could pop along to dentist Albert Anderson who had a scientific breakthrough to help.

Sunday pub opening illegal

Pub opening time

20 January 2014

Sunday opening for pubs was against the law – but nevertheless seemed popular.

Traction engines on a roll

13 January 2014

The testing of traction engines and road rollers that were being built in Medway was a great spectacle for the public.

Shakespeare in Maidstone

William Shakespeare

16 December 2013

Did the townspeople of Maidstone have the chance to see William Shakespeare on stage in 1588?

WG Grace hits record

The cricket scorecard

16 December 2013

With his trademark beard and his all-round talent, cricketer William Gilbert Grace was one of the best known Victorians.

Charles Dickens escapes crash

Charles Dickens

16 December 2013

Foreman Henry Benge had done this kind of repair job many times before in his 10 years with the railway.

Death of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

16 December 2013

When Queen Victoria died on January 22 1901 at the age of 81 the nation, and much of the Empire, was plunged into gloom.

New telephone invention

Telephone experiment

16 December 2013

Although it was March, the sound of “Auld Lang Syne” played on a violin could be heard from a few streets away.

Goodwin Sands scheme

16 December 2013

More than 150-years ago someone dreamt up a Boris Island-style idea to make safe one of the great perils of England – the Goodwin Sands.

More Bank Holidays

16 December 2013

Until 1871 the hard-working citizens of England were entitled to a mere two days off each year – Christmas Day and Good Friday.

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