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Indonesian boy is recovering in Walmer after a life saving operation on his leg tumour, at Great Ormond Street in London

22 February 2014
by Eleanor Perkins

A charity set up by a former Sir Roger Manwood’s pupil has helped nine-year-old John Scott travel from Indonesia to London for two life saving operations.

John, nine and his father, Yus, 38 have travelled from Palu, a city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi to London, thanks to Dr Abigail Estelle’s charity, Willing and Abel.

John with Dr Schulz, his father Yus and Mr and Mrs Gunne

John with Dr Schulz, his father Yus and Mr and Mrs Gunne

The charity helps children from developing nations who require specialist surgery.

John was born with a tumour on his left leg, which required two operations that could only be conducted at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Since his first operation on February 18, John and Yus have been staying with Nick and Christine Gunne in Salisbury Road, Walmer.

Mr Gunne, Dr Estelle’s godfather, is one of the seven trustees of the charity.

He said: “The tumour was taking too much of his heart’s effort to keep going.”

“The first operation went well and he is being very brave in his recovery.”

The doctor who operated on John’s tumour described it as a nest of blood vessels. It will never disappear completely but doctors feel certain they can reduce its size by half.

The tumour in John's left leg

The tumour in John's left leg

Chocolate and lego lover, John has lived with pain and discomfort all his life. He has been unable to play football, or soccer as he calls it, and dreams of being able to play.

During his time in Deal, he has visited Deal pier and the beach and explored Walmer Castle, in his wheelchair.

Mrs Gunne said: “He is absolutely adorable. We have loved having them.”

Yus, a helicopter mechanic, said: “I should thank Willing and Abel. We could not have had this operation in Indonesia.”

John’s mother, Fitria, has remained in Palu and is looking after his three siblings. They have been in contact via skype.

Yus said their friends, family and community are all praying for them.

John’s second operation is on March 18, he will fly home on March 27.

Mercy Ships, ocean vessels that provide health care to poorer countries in port areas around the world, will monitor John’s recovery and progression as he grows up.

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