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Paddy Power responsible for giant Theresa May's two fingered salute to the EU

By Beth Robson

The people who erected a giant cut out of Prime Minister Theresa May flicking the V sign to the EU from the White Cliffs of Dover have finally admitted responsibility.

It was online betting firm Paddy Power, already known for pulling off a number of publicity stunts.

A spokesman told KentOnline they sited the 110ft atop the White Cliffs between Deal and Dover on Monday, June 5, intending to release the pictures and video when Brexit negotiations started on Thursday in Brussels.

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Now we know who was responsible for the huge Theresa May statue flicking the V sign over the White Cliffs of Dover
Now we know who was responsible for the huge Theresa May statue flicking the V sign over the White Cliffs of Dover

But they were pipped to the post by one of our readers who spotted the politician's two fingered salute - and the pictures were published on social media for all to see.

A statement released today said: "The mischievous bookmaker has offered some ‘strong and stable’ support."

Paddy Power revealed the statue - seen from as far as Normandy with finger nails measuring 5ft long, took a 12-man crew a full week to assemble and then erect on the white cliffs.

The statement said: "It sends a clear message to the UK’s soon-to-be former EU neighbours – even if the General Election results didn’t.

"They were such a disaster for May that Paddy Power makes it ODDS ON that more than one Prime Minister will be involved in Brexit talks (2/7) – and just 13/8 that a second General Election will be called this year.

And the chances of May performing a U-Turn, her party piece, and deciding that the UK should instead Remain in the EU, are rated at 20/1."

The spokesman added: “I’m really proud of this statue.

“We tried to make the installation look as life-like as possible to Theresa May – which is why it’s two-dimensional and largely wooden.

“During construction, it was both strong and stable, but soon went weak and wobbly when the winds changed – about as stable as a partnership with the DUP.”

This is not the first time Paddy Power had a pop at Europe. The immigration crisis was the topic of one of its stunts in July 2015 where a HGV was parked in Dover with an invitation emblazoned on the side. It invited immigrants at the now defunct Calais ‘Jungle’ camp to ‘jump in’ - but only if they're good at sport.

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