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Grandmother Carol Lewis has 'spooky' dream of saving life at Tesco in Faversham - just days before doing it

By Bess Browning

A woman brought a man back to life on the forecourt of a supermarket petrol station – a day after she had dreamed of the scenario.

Carol Lewis, 49, used a defibrillator funded by her own Slimming World group to revive a man when he collapsed at the Tesco garage in Crescent Road.

And the previous day she had a premonition of the situation in a dream which she had experienced twice before, resuscitating a man in the aisle of Tesco.

Community First Responder Doug Baseden, Community First Responder Carol Lewis and Sally de Vere at the presentation to Carol

Carol, of St Nicholas Road, is a community first responder, a voluntary role where she is trained to attend emergency calls and provide care until the ambulance arrives.

The role could make the difference between life and death.

The grandmother-of-one said: “I received a call to say that a man in his 70s had collapsed at the petrol station and off I went with no idea what I might be about to see.

“En route I received another call to say that he was in cardiac arrest, and when I arrived it was obvious I needed to act fast.

“He was completely grey and had no pulse and no breath. I started chest compressions and then shocked him once with the defibrillator, and nothing happened.

Carol Lewis had a premonition she would save someone's life at Tesco in Faversham

“But after the fourth shock, just before paramedics got to the scene, he came back to life.”

The man was in a critical condition and was rushed to Kent and Canterbury and then to the William Harvey, where he spent two weeks on the mend.

“I think I must be some sort of witch! It was very spooky" - Carol Lewis

But today he is back on his feet and home, all thanks to Carol’s courageous act, which was celebrated by her peers at the Slimming World meeting.

She said: “The weirdest thing was that I had three dreams that I got a call out to a cardiac arrest in the Faversham Tesco on one of the aisles.

“I said to my friend it was weird I’d had that same dream more than once, but she said don’t worry, nothing from dreams ever comes true.

“I think I must be some sort of witch! It was very spooky.”

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