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Folkestone: Sunny Sands beach and Lower Leas Coastal Park left covered in rubbish after hot weekend

By Matt Leclere

Angry residents have hit out at "idiocy" of people leaving litter at Folkestone parks and beaches over the weekend.

The beach at Sunny Sands was packed with people enjoying the hottest day of the year so far on Sunday.

But this morning piles of rubbish were left strewn all over the path and the beach.

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Questions have been raised about whether more bins are required. Pictures: Bradley Burgess

Resident Bradley Burgess, who was out on a bike ride this morning, took footage of the rubbish he had to wade through on his route along the seafront.

He hopes the footage he took will encourage people to take their rubbish home with them rather than dumping it next to bins or on the ground around bins.

Questions have been raised about whether more bins could be placed in popular public places around the town.

It is hoped this would mean rubbish would not be left overflowing beside the bins which attracts seagulls.

Mr Burgess told KentOnline: "I think ultimately it is down to the people who use the public spaces to keep it tidy and look after it.

"Maybe the council could provide more bins, but will they get used by everybody?

"And who wants hundreds of bins everywhere, when the best way is for people to take responsibility for their own little pile of rubbish, and take it away with them."

There were also several areas in the Lower Leas Coastal Park where bins had been left overflowing and rubbish was lying all over the ground.

Members of the public were out cleaning up on the beach and in the park this morning.

Mr Burgess added: "I don't blame the council. It's an education and respect issue. There's better things the council could use our tax for, other than clearing up after this idiocy."

Residents have reacted angrily seeing the footage of rubbish left all over the path

Shepway District Council is the authority which clears away rubbish from public areas and manages the waste collection on Sunny Sands and in the Lower Leas Coastal Park.

The rubbish was cleared by staff this morning, the council confirmed.

The council says it provides extra resources to cope with the extra number of people visiting Folkestone during the summer.

It has called for beachgoers and visitors to the parks to “be considerate of other people” and was aware of the problems in Folkestone after the weekend.

A spokesman said: "We are aware of rubbish left at Coronation Parade this morning. This has now been cleared.

"There are currently two wheeled bins in this area. These have been supplied as a temporary measure until permanent bins are installed following the recent renovations. This area is checked and the bins emptied regularly.

"The bins were emptied at 9pm last night and again this morning. It appears that overnight the lids of the bins were opened, which allowed seagulls to remove the rubbish inside the bins.

Piles of litter strewn around the Lower Leas Coastal Park this morning

“We have also received reports of rubbish left by the bins at the Coastal Park. All of the rubbish has now been cleared.

"There are bins located throughout the park.

"There is a park keeper permanently on site during the day in summer, from approximately 7.30am to 8.30pm, with additional support from other park keepers during the day. The park keepers empty the bins, pick up litter, clean the toilets and generally keep the park clean.

Reacting to footage uploaded to Facebook, Debbie Young said: "This makes me super cross. I don't understand why if you've gone to the effort of bringing food and drink to the beach, you can't just fill your plastic bag with your rubbish and take it home.

"A lot of people don't understand that even though they are putting stuff next to a bin, the seagulls will come and wreak havoc with it."

Lucy Knight added: "It's not hard to take it home rather than leave it near an overflowing bin."

Raymond Martin said: "A lovely beach for all to enjoy. In all the years I have lived here I have never seen anything like this mess they should be ashamed of themselves."

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