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Addict Dean Begg of Folkestone given nine-year sentence after stabbing rival Michael McDonagh in back

By Paul Hooper

Druggie Dean Begg is a 22-year-old who settles scores with his rivals...with a knife!

Twice in three years, the nasty thug - who claims to have a £700-a-week addiction - has used a weapon on victims after arguments over drug debts.

In June 2010 he stabbed one victim in the leg...now he has plunged a hunting knife into the back on a 27-year-old as he walked along the street with a partner and baby.

Drug addict Dean Begg was jailed after stabbing a man in the back

A judge has ruled that Begg, of Pilgrim Spring, Folkestone posed a danger to the public and given a nine year and nine month sentence for wounding Michael McDonagh with intent.

He was told that he would have to serve two-thirds of the six year and nine month custodial element - and then Judge Heather Norton added another three years on licence.

She told Begg: "You used that weapon in a public place where people were in the vicinity.. including a young child.

"You also deliberately targeted your victim and you pose an ongoing risk to members of the
public of causing them serious harm.

"You are dangerous!"

Prosecutor Chloe Fordham told Canterbury Crown Court how the attack happened at 3.30pm in November last year in Folkestone Town Centre.

"The defendant walked up behind him and struck him in the lower back - that turned out not to be a punch but a stab wound with a hunting knife.

"It was struck with such force that it went through Mr McDonagh's coat and into his kidney and he was then taken to hospital before being transferred to another hospital where the damage to the kidney was repaired, " she added.

Judge Heather Norton

Begg was arrested days later when police found him hiding in the base of a bed and he began being aggressive and abusive towards the officers.

Kieran Brand, defending, said: "His judgement was clouded by the amount of drugs he was using at the time but he hadn't used any on the day of the stabbing.

"He accepts that he wasn't acting in self defence but he had heard of threats, second hand, about the complainant and that's why he chose to arm himself that day.

"That is why on seeing the complainant he decided to use the knife.

"He is a young man who has had a problem growing up using weapons. Fortunately it was only a single blow.

public of causing them serious harm. You are dangerous!" - Judge Heather Norton
"You... deliberately targeted your victim and you pose an ongoing risk to members of the

"He now regrets what he did. Most of his previous convictions involve drug misuse and drug debts," added Mr Brand

Judge Norton told Begg: "It is sad that someone who was 21 when this offence occurred should have accumulated such an appalling record and should have committed such a serious offence.

"You have a £700-a-week drugs addiction but more worrying is the fact that this is the fourth occasion since 2009 that you have committed an offence involving a weapon.

"And you are quite prepared to use a weapon on others and to inflict serious harm. This is the second time that someone has ended up in hospital as a result of being stabbed by you.

"And if you think that is something to be proud of...it is not!"

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