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Meet Gravesend man Redd Pepper, the voice behind world famous film trailers’ for Armageddon, the Blair Witch Project and Saw

By KentOnline reporter

You might not recognise his face, but you would definitely recognise his voice.

Redd Pepper is a world famous voiceover artist often referred to as ‘Mr Movie Trailer Man’. His unmistakable deep and gravelly voice has featured in hundreds of adverts, computer games and Hollywood blockbuster trailers.

And although his career started in London after being spotted on the underground, he now lives in Gravesend.

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Redd Pepper, a voiceover artist who lives in Gravesend

He has voiced trailers for Armageddon, the Blair Witch Project and Saw, as well as featuring as the voice of the Muller Bear and the Green Giant.

He first realised his vocal chords were impressive when his voice dropped at the age of 14.

“All my buddies, they just thought I was putting it on but it was just the way that God gave it to me,” he said.

However, it was not until he was working as a train driver on the London Underground in the 1980s that someone spotted his voice’s earning potential.

After making an announcement on the Tube’s tannoy, Redd was approached by a man he thought was an Underground executive.

VIDEO: Listen to the famous voice which you'll recognise from Hollywood films

“It turns out he was a television executive and he liked my voice. We exchanged numbers and the rest is pretty much history,” he said.

Redd was born in Barbados but ended up in the county after falling out with his father.

He took a map of England and randomly chose to move to Ramsgate.

He has been living in Kent for the past 20 years, and now lives in Gravesend.

“I started to appreciate that life goes on beyond London,” he said.

“I love Kent for two reasons. First because the people are real down here, no messing around. And second, there are some hidden gems and beautiful places.

“There are some parts of Kent that let us down, but I will stand by my heart and say Kent is for me.

“I would love to represent Kent in so many different ways.”

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