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The Boxer Rebellion

07 April 2006

WHEN life throws you a sucker punch then the only solution is to dust yourself down and come back stronger.

That’s exactly what The Boxer Rebellion have achieved after being harshly dropped by their Alan McGee run label, Poptones.

The resilient London indie act remain undeterred by their previous experiences and are about to complete their second album which they feel is destined to prove their critics wrong.

It’s set to build on their edgy and epic-sounding debut which despite its quality failed to translate into the kind of chart success which the ever-shifting industry demands.

"I think getting dropped was a blessing in disguise as we weren’t happy with what the label had been doing. The hardest part to swallow was that it wasn’t about our music it was more about their business dealings. But we are much happier now without a label than with one," explained the band’s Australian guitarist Todd Howe.

He originally formed the band with singer Nathan when he came over from Adelaide in 2000 to soak up Europe.

From their early efforts as low-key duo Benson - "we were really scraping the bottom of the barrel with that name!" - they have fought hard under their present guise.

Slightly more literate than your average band, they drew their punchy name from a Chinese uprising against Western influence in 1900. "I can relate to it, especially as it’s about anti-exploitation."

Performances at the Glastonbury festival and tours with acts including the Raveonettes and The Rasmus have also boosted their profile. But a mainstream breakthrough has remained tantalisingly elusive to-date.

However, there’s an air of excitement within their ranks as they head back into the studio under the guidance of Snow Patrol engineer Tom Mcfall.

A little older and wiser, Todd revealed their new album will be a stripped down record with a darker edge to their trademark Jesus and Mary Chain inspired rock.

As far as the group is concerned, the most important thing is that they’ve now got full creative control. The band’s return to Kent promises to be something of a homecoming for one member in particular.

"We haven’t done any proper gigs for the last six months so are really looking forward to playing the Tunbridge Wells Forum.

"Quite a few people know us down there as our bass player Adam comes from round there."

* The Boxer Rebellion play Tunbridge Wells Forum on Thursday, April 20. Tickets £6. Box office 08712 777101.

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