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Homeowners in Heathcote Close, near Station Road in Aylesford, are frustrated by a plague of flies

By Anna Young

Homeowners want their unwanted guests to buzz off after weeks of frustration.

People in Aylesford have been left puzzled by an influx of flies which has plagued their community for at least a month.

The flies have been reported as particularly unbearable in Heathcote Close, but the cause for the increase remains unknown.

Charlene Austin, Melaine Weedon and Amanda Baker claim there is an issue with flies in the area.

Charlene Austin, who lives in cul-de-sac off Station Road, said: “I have no idea why it has got so bad. I’ve checked with other people and there’s no problems with uncollected rubbish or any bad smells.

“It’s been going on for a good four weeks and I can’t stand it much more. Something needs to be done.”

Mrs Austin said one of her fly traps can catch up to 35 of the pests in a few of hours and her neighbours have experienced the same. The 42-year-old has tried scented candles as a deterrent but the issue continues to get worse.

She added: “There are flies everywhere. You’re constantly whacking them out of your face or trying to stop them from landing on foods. I keep having to clean everywhere and everything to stop them from spreading their germs. It is disgusting.”

Neighbour Melanie Weelden, also 42, believes the growing amount of insects may have come from stagnant water at a nearby car wash.

She added: “I know we’ve had a few sunny days but it is not high summer – when you might expect this many flies.

“You can’t put a mug down for a second before one lands on it. It is horrible.”

Aylesford parish council said it hasn’t received any complaints about a pest infestation in the area.

The Environment Agency said insect issues are the responsibilty of Tonbridge and Malling council.

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