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Snodland: Three-year-old Isabelle Solly astonishes ambulance workers by dialling 999 after her mum collapsed

By David Gazet

A Snodland toddler astonished paramedics by calling 999 and raising the alarm when her mother collapsed.

Isabelle Solly, three, realised something was wrong with her mum, Kay, when she saw her fall to the floor in July.

With her dad away at work, she bravely called the emergency number and clearly explained had happened and that she needed an ambulance for her mummy.

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Isabelle received a chief Executive’s recognition certificate for her brave actions

Isabelle clearly described what had happened, answered all the questions she could and remained calm.

Two ambulance cars were dispatched to the scene with ambulance Technician Ross Orpin arriving first, closely followed by Paramedic Matt Cooper.

Mr Orpin said: “Both Matt and I were astonished at what this little girl had done for her mum. Luckily at this point Isabelle’s mum had regained consciousness and was able to open the door to us.

"Following some tests nothing serious was discovered and she was able to stay at home.”

Audio: Listen as brave Isabelle dials 999 after mum collapses

Much to Isabelle’s delight and surprise, both Secamb workers invited her to visit Paddock Wood Make Ready Centre to be presented with a chief executive’s recognition certificate for her brave actions.

Isabelle receiving her certificate

When asked why she had called the ambulance service, Isabelle was very matter of fact saying: “Because my mummy had collapsed and I used mummy’s phone to call an ambulance.”

Busy mum of three, Kay, who also had her six-month-old baby son Jack with her in the house, said: “It was just a normal busy morning, I couldn’t have foreseen anything like this happening.

"To this day, Chris, her dad, myself and my parents are still baffled as to how Isabelle could have made the emergency call. But we are so proud of her that she did and it shows how grown up she is for her age and not only that, she made sure that her little brother was safe.”

Isabelle received her certificate in the presence of her proud parents, grandparents Dave and Frances and Jack. As a special treat, she was shown round an ambulance and tested out the blue lights and tail lift.

Isabelle received a chief Executive’s recognition certificate for her brave actions

Paramedic Matt added: “I’m really pleased that Ross and I have been able to recognise Isabelle’s actions and to see meet her made our day. Despite being so young, she was very competent in answering lots of questions which helped us assess beforehand how serious the situation could have been once we got to her home.

"It would have been quite scary for a child but she did extremely well staying on the phone until we arrived. We are both really amazed by just how well she did, and all her family must be very proud of her.”

Grandmother Frances said: “It was a wonderful experience for Isabelle and she will have lots to tell when she is next at pre-school. The certificate will get a special place in her new bedroom which she will move into soon. We all had a lovely day.”

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