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Warden Bay resident, Dr Paula Owens, has raised concerns about erosion of large sections of Sheppey cliffs

16 February 2014
by Lewis Dyson

Dr Paula Owens, of Warden Bay, has taken pictures of the cliffs near her home over the past four years which show the extent of erosion.

It now appears to be threatening an unnamed path which runs by the edge, parallel to Thorn Hill Road, between Cliff Drive and Warden Springs holiday park.

The cliffs at Warden Bay in May 2010, January 2013 and February 2014.Picture Dr Paula Owens

The cliffs at Warden Bay in May 2010, January 2013 and February 2014. Picture: Dr Paula Owens

Other pictures taken this month also show landslips.

The former primary school teacher says that waves have undercut the bottom.

Rain over recent weeks has made the London clay in the cliffs sodden and caused it to fall away, she said.

Prevention measures including rip rap, which are large rocks positioned along the coast to break up the waves, are already in place in the area.

The landslide at Warden Bay cliffsPicture Dr Paula Owens

The landslide at Warden Bay cliffs Picture: Dr Paula Owens

However, Dr Owens believes there should be more boulders installed.

She thinks the cliffs should have been graded to make them less steep, in a similar way to those along The Leas in Minster, which would have prevented landslips.

She said: “I think it’s to do with the economics of it because up here on this side of the Island we are a little bit forgotten sometimes.

“I think the photos speak for themselves.

“I would estimate in the 20 odd years I have lived here about 20 to 25ft of cliff has disappeared.

A spokesman from Swale council, which is responsible for maintaining the cliff area, said: “We have not been advised of any coastal erosion recently.

“If we receive any information or reports about it then we will go and inspect the area.”

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