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Sheppey owners of the beach huts in The Leas, Minster, prepare for the summer

15 March 2014
by Emma Grove

With spring well and truly sprung, owners of Sheppey’s beach huts can be seen out and about getting them ready for the summer season.

Swale council launched the features along The Leas, Minster, in June last year as part of a two-year pilot.

Ten members of the Minster Beach Hut Association (MBHA) invested in the structures and the council also put up some of its own which are being rented out.

Mark Lunan, who has one of the beach huts along The Leas, Minster

Mark Lunan, who has one of the beach huts along The Leas, Minster

Once the pilot has ended, the council will assess feedback it has had and decide whether to roll the scheme out permanently and build more.

Mark Lunan is part of the MBHA and spends lots of time at his hut with his wife Eleanor and three children.

The 42-year-old, of Stanley Avenue, Minster, says he got involved because he is a keen windsurfer and has always spent a lot of time along the seafront.

He said having one of the huts has been all he hoped it would be and believes it’s definitely something Swale council should continue with once the pilot is over.

“It’s brightened it up – not just for me but for Minster,” he said.

“I love the seafront anyway and the kids love it down here.”

The beach huts along The Leas, Minster

The beach huts along The Leas, Minster

Plasterer Mr Lunan said last summer he was down there all the time with the family and although they haven’t spent loads of time there throughout winter, they did visit for a New Year’s Day swim.

He is now working on the hut to get it in shape for this season, by putting some furnishings in and working on the boarding inside.

“My personal view is that the seafront was lacking in a bit of investment – it’s so nice to have this here,” he added.

“I think the council should definitely roll it out.”

Mr Lunan says the only negativity they have experienced is the irresponsible dog owners which allow their pets to foul the promenade, but he knows that’s a problem wherever you go and isn’t exclusive to here.

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