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Nestlé advert for KitKat filmed at Sheerness Docks could provide break into movie world for Isle of Sheppey

29 January 2014
by Emma Grove

Nestlé opted to shoot its newest commercial for KitKat at the site, which was also used by Audi to plug its RS 6 Avant last year.

The ad has been broadcast on TV and already has more than 105,000 views on YouTube.

Sheerness Docks provided the backdrop for a KitKat advert

Sheerness Docks provided the backdrop for a KitKat advert

It features actor Vas Blackwood, who is best known for his role as Rory Breaker in Guy Ritchie's gangster film Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The commercial has many similarities to the Audi one as both feature a car chase through the port.

KitKat's film shows two masked men driving a BMW at high speed, which is being followed by an unmarked police car.

Scroll down for video

An arrest is made in the advert for KitKat in Sheerness

The criminals and police stop to share a KitKat in Sheerness Docks

When the chase finally ends with the criminals hitting a stack of barrels, they all get out - but, instead of arresting the pair, they end up sharing a KitKat and talking about the car and the state of the traffic.

The policemen then agree to give the crooks a "head start" – before the chase carries on.

The clip ends with the famous "Have a break" slogan.

Sheerness Docks are becoming a familiar site in TV adverts

Sheerness Docks are becoming a familiar site in TV adverts

Sheerness Docks again gets a good showing in the video, which was filmed over two days in October.

It is thought to be the first time KitKat has had an advert on UK television since 2011.

Video: KitKat advert filmed at Sheerness Docks 

Rob Gearing, head of business development at the port, said it is great the site is being used by these companies and said there were other firms looking there.

He also hinted some leading film producers have also made inquiries and - although he does not yet know if anything will come of it - is encouraged by the interest.

"It's another major company," he said. "It's quite exciting and creates a bit of a buzz around the place. It's also good for the people who used to work here to see the place again."

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