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Val and Terry Taylor, of Petfield Close, Minster, fed up with parking outside Minster Primary School

23 February 2014
by Emma Grove

Last week we reported how Minster primary says it is doing everything it can to try and alleviate the issue which is causing tension between neighbours.

Val and Terry Taylor are fed up with the parking round Minster Primary School

Val and Terry Taylor are fed up with the parking round Minster Primary School

PTA member and data manager Karen Nixon told how a minority of parents are stopping on the yellow zig-zag lines by the Minster Road entrance to the site, parking over paths and driveways and leaving their vehicles on grass verges.

Our story prompted a lot of feedback on Facebook and we were also contacted by a number of people, including Terry and Val Taylor, who live in Petfield Close, which is opposite the Minster Road entrance.

They are concerned if anyone in their road needed a fire engine or ambulance it would not be able to get through.

Minster Primary School

Minster Primary School

The couple are also aware of neighbours who have had their cars damaged by the way some of the parents drive and another who missed a hospital appointment because they simply could not get their car out as it was blocked by another vehicle.

Mrs Taylor, 54, said: “They park in front of garages and over driveways.

“When you go out you can never get back in – it’s ridiculous. You have to time yourself around it.”

She thinks they should introduce a resident-only parking scheme.

Taxi driver Tony Stevens also got in touch and says he thinks he might have come up with a solution – but will have to wait until staff are back after half-term to suggest it.

The 41-year-old thinks the problem could be solved by opening the Brecon Chase entrance to the school, allowing parents to drive through and drop their children in the grounds and then exiting onto Bellevue Road.

Mr Stevens said: “It is dangerous. It’s gridlock and is a no-go area at school time.

“It’s one big heated centre of aggression – I’ve seen the lollipop lady get abuse and I’m surprised a kid hasn’t been run over or killed.”

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