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Deal mother Karen Ackland seduced boy of 14 for drunken sex but spared jail at Canterbury Crown Court

By Paul Hooper

A Deal mother-of-two seduced a 14-year-old schoolboy 30 years her junior after a drunken night out.

Divorced Karen Ackland's illicit tryst was rumbled after the boy's older brother heard moaning noises coming from a bedroom.

The 44-year-old former sailor was heard demanding her teenage lover spit into her mouth during their noisy sex session.

Karen Ackland at Canterbury Crown Court in July, where she admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child. Picture: Mike Gunnill

Then – while she was having sex – she was heard to say: "I can't believe I'm doing this with a 15-year-old!"

But Canterbury Crown Court heard the victim was only 14 at the time of the romp last year.

Ackland, of Cavell Square, managed to avoid an immediate jail sentence after she admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child.

"I think women should have as long sentences as men. It's exactly the same sexual act..." - victim's mother

Speaking after the sentence, the victim's mother said: "I think women should have as long sentences as men. It's exactly the same sexual act.

"It shouldn't be any different for men and women and if she had been a man I think she would have had a jail sentence."

Ackland changed her pleas to guilty just minutes before a trial was due to start when the schoolboy was expected to have been called to give evidence.

Her barrister Dominic Webber asked the judge what the maximum sentence was likely to be if she entered guilty pleas.

After a few minutes, Ackland returned from a cigarette break and admitted the offences. She was given a nine-month jail sentence, suspended for a year.

Deal woman Karen Ackland seduced a schoolboy 30 years her junior after a drunken night out. Picture: Mike Gunnill

Prosecutor Andrew Espley told the hearing: "She was drunk at the time and used the teenager a sexual object."

He said the pair had met at a social event before a group of friends had returned to Ackland's house when "everyone did three shots of vodka".

"They were standing near a fridge and the teenager was backed into a little corner cabinet and then they kissed," said Mr Ackland.

The group later went to another house and, when Ackland and the boy were alone, she offered to perform a sex act on him, the court heard.

Mr Espley said they were then disturbed by others arriving and Ackland tried to get the boy to walk her home again on the pretext she had lost her phone.

The prosecutor said she stayed at the house, stripped off and indulged in sex games - before oral sex and intercourse.

Mr Espley added: "During this she was moaning and at one point asked him to spit into her mouth.

"What she did caused them to be discovered."

A court heard Karen Ackland was discovered when the boy’s older brother heard noises coming from a bedroom. Picture: Mike Gunnill

The victim would later tell a friend: "I went to get into my trackies and she stripped naked in front of me. Yeah we had sex, but it was really weird.

"She kept asking me to spit on her and all these weird things."

The prosecutor said within days, the incident was the talk of the school and was then reported to the authorities.

Ackland told a friend: "He tried to kiss me. I'm a 40-year-old woman - what am I supposed to do?"

Mr Webber said the Tesco shelf-stacker had grown up in Germany and was the daughter of a father who was in the military.

She married in 1993, but was now divorced with two teenage children.

He said: "She accepts that this was extremely irresponsible behaviour and she admits to being a binge drinker."

Judge Simon James told Nina Hughes she was "testing his patience"

Judge Simon James said he accepted Ackland had "almost immediately regretted" her behaviour and, although it had been committed in drink, "that does not afford you any real excuses".

He added the law was there to protect teenagers from doing things they might later regret.

She was ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for 10 years and pay £500 court costs.

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