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Potato shaped like a man's penis found by Dick Humphreys, of Addisham Green, Kemsley

By Sittingbourne reporter

A site manager discovered an all new meaning to the phrase "meat and veg" when he found a potato shaped like a man’s private parts.

Dick Humphreys was making dinner last night when he was confronted by the knobbly spud.

The 26-year-old, of Addisham Green, Kemsley, said: “I was about to make some mash and I lent over to grab a handful of potatoes and then found myself with a rather peculiar looking vegetable in my grasp.

The oddly-shaped spud
The peculiarly-shaped potato

“At which point the child in me leapt out and I screamed to my girlfriend, Lucy, and then spent the next five minutes playing around with it.”

Mr Humphreys quickly shared photos of the misshapen vegetable with his friends.

He added he could not bring himself to actually eat it and said: “Having just purchased my first home I think it would be the perfect first ornament for the fireplace.

Dick Humphreys

“Although it may bake over the fire and I’m more of a mash man myself.”

It's not the first phallic, organic food item found in Kent.

A mum from Dartford previously discovered a Strawberry that resembled a man's genitals in her vegetable patch in July 2013.

Strawberry that resembles a man's genitals
The rude carrot found by Mark Eastham
Here's Pat Ashworth's rude tomatoes grown in Halling last year

An Ashford shopper was also left stunned after spotting a rude carrot that looked like a naked man.

Production designer Mark Eastham, 40, found the suggestive vegetable while shopping at Sainsbury's in November 2012.

Have you ever found a rude-looking fruit or vegetable? Email your pictures to news@thekmgroup.co.uk.

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