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Man caught swearing and shouting at driver in Violet Way, Kingsnorth, Ashford

An "angry" man has been caught on camera shouting at a driver after she allegedly stuck her finger up at him.

The video was taken this morning in Violet Way, Kingsnorth, Ashford, and shows a man speaking with a woman through an open window of a gold Nissan.

It is understood that he approached the car following a road rage dispute in which its driver apparently made a single finger hand gesture towards him. This was not caught on camera.

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The man speaks to the woman through her open window
The man speaks to the woman through her open window

In the video, which was taken by Alex Lane, of Kingsnorth, the man the occupant of the car that next time they might be hit "straight in the jaw".

The man says: "I'm being angry because some f****** a******* stuck a finger up at me."

The woman then replies, although it is unclear what she says.

The man responds: "I wasn't being aggressive at all.

Video: The man confronts the driver

"If I was being aggressive I would have cut you up about 800 yards back."

He is then heard answering another of the woman's question, and says: "I did not accelerate. I was doing the same speed, a constant speed all the way through. I wasn't driving fast"

Before walking away he says: "Don't stick your finger up at people because next time someone might smack you straight in the jaw."

Police said the incident had not been reported to them.

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